Thursday Quiz

Here it is the Thursday quiz.

1. What grape variety makes up the wine called Barolo from Italy?

2. “A la bouchere” in French cuisine indicates that the plate mentioned is garnished with what?

3. A Sole Colbert is prepared in what fashion?

4. We all know that wines come from different grape varieties but what is the wine that is noted for the grapey fragrance on the nose?

5. When you see the word florentine included on a name of a dish what does that tell you ?

6 A bonus question, how many degrees Farenheit is 20 Degrees Celsius?

There I snuck that last one in for you.



  1. No time to do the quiz but I do love these!

  2. 20 degrees C is roughly 70 Farenheit. (double it and add 30) ?florentine is spinach. Other than that, No idea 🙂

  3. Sous Gal…20 is 68 but I will accept Of course you are right on the last question. Thank you for trying. A lot look but don't take part.

  4. Ok, quiz time…1. The Nebbiollo (love Italy visited Novara often)2. Not 100% but it could be poached bone marrow ( something to do with butcher or meat)3. A golden oldie… whole sole skinned and the fillets on one side folded back, the fish is floured egged and crumbed then deep fried the centre bone removed and herb butter placed in the cavity… brings back memories great stuff.4. No idea…will wait for the answer5. It contains spinach. 6. About 70. double +30 =70 well hope that makes it in time. Off to work now.

  5. Ranting Chef…that was awesome! The Colbert was explained more in depth than I did but then again you are a chef!

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