I Guess I Should Be Talking About Something More Serious…

But here I am on my day off while the kid’s are in school this afternoon having some Cava and smoked salmon from Denmark with my wife on a beautiful sunny day. I honestly don’t have anything else to say.

What do you do on your day’s off?????


  1. Lucky you….I insist on having lunch out on my day off….insist I tell you!

  2. That is okay too. Just cheaper for us to stay home. Maybe we go out once in 3 months for lunch during the school year. When I have extra income which doesn't happen often.

  3. sleep in..have a bath..do a mani (no polish, not even clear) and a pedi (red toenails), condition my hair (the heat from the line and the hair pulled up wreaks havoc on ones split ends!). Call my friends, lay on the couch and watch a movie, try to hook up for drinks on an outdoor patio with friends..all in the biz of course. Oh, and do the laundry. One day off a week..no wonder cooks have only dijon and pure maple syrup in their home fridge 🙂

  4. Those one days off a week you just want to do everything don't ya!

  5. I like to spend time on the beach with my Husband and Son and our 2 dogs. If I have time off I try to relax and enjoy being a parent as much as possible.

  6. Massageon..you are like me just like spending time with the family lazing about and doing things too.Welcome and thank you for your comment.

  7. By the time I'm home on Saturday night it's gone midnight and I'm f…ed. I will watch the EPL. No lay in for me up with the birds and after a couple of Tea's it's into town for a cooked breaky with HP sauce, then a walk barefoot along our beach all with wifey of course. In the evening a movie and pasta dinner home cooked. Monday is usually clean up day!!!

  8. Ranting Chef…Sunday and Monday a chef's perenial days off.

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