Here Are the Answers

For today’s quiz here are the answers. It wasn’t that easy was it.

1. That Bordeaux red wine grape variety that makes such fine ice wine out here in these parts is the Cabernet Franc.

2. That great grape growing region that makes some nice wines from Lebanon is the Bekka Valley.

3. All the pastry chefs out there would know this is called the ribbon stage.

4. VDQS on a bottle of French wine stands for Vin Délimité de Qualité Superieure which is a wine of lesser quality than an AC wine but more than a Vins de Pays wine. It is usually a good stepping stone for a wine that will be soon considered for classification of AC in France. As a VDQS wine there are less restrictions to follow , unlike an AC wine that must follow rigid standards.

5. When you see Consommé Célestine on the menu you know that this clear soup will have strips of pancake in it.

That is it. Hope you enjoyed this and the new day of the week it takes place!


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