What is Strange About This?

The host came up to me the other night and asked how many tables I had?



  1. You're kidding right? Um isn't it his job, to um….sort of, like KNOW how many tables you have?LOL

  2. SkippMom..that thought crossed my mind as well.

  3. Hosts/hostesses have a reputation for idiocy. Unfortunately, it is a reputation that is seemingly well deserved far more often than not.

  4. K.H….it happens at the end of the night a lot.

  5. Poor host was tired. Groggy. I changed my domain and wonder if you would mind relinking my site to yours? cheers

  6. That happens to me all the time.This is what happens when a restaurant hires hostesses based only on looks and being under 18.

  7. A.K. you know the feeling then.

  8. Manuel…Oh my is right!

  9. The bitchy waiter…I think I did. Well check again though.

  10. The bitchey waiter can you email me your link. I get blogger not found so email and I will get the correct link on. Sorry about that.

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