The Host Is Right

Last night I get a small , stupid section of 3 tables. One of the tables was already started by another waiter who was in earlier than I and that table was not mine until 2 hours after my start time. Therefore I really only had two tables to work with for the longest time.

My sales were down and so were my tips because of it. The host who usually is a bus boy as well asked me how my night went and I said not so great. I mean did you see my section?

He mentioned that he noticed that I had a small section and couldn’t understand why when other newbies were getting 4 table sections. Then he mentioned that I was a far better waiter than the others who had bigger sections.

You know honestly what I think. That no matter how effective you are at your job eventually it will be time to go. It is just the nature of the beast in these corporate restaurants when management just wants new fresh young blood. Someone who is not 15 years older than they are. Hiring young people who they feel they can easily manage and not feel intimidated by.

One time last night a table ordered their Prime Rib Well done. I do the table check and the Prime was cooked to medium rare to medium. There was still some red in it. I brought it back to be cooked up and so they made a new one. When the manager brought it to the table it wasn’t the kitchen’s fault anymore as apparently the manager said they wanted it medium well not well done so I had incorrectly typed the wrong temperature in. It didn’t matter that it was still undercooked and despite my telling her they told me they wanted it well done it was like it was my fault. But what irked me was the fact that it was like I am the manager and I caught you making a mistake! Finally I caught you doing something wrong! This after she did not even see the Prime Rib I returned to the kitchen.

It seemed like she was gloating to me about it. But if she makes a mistake she will find it the most difficult thing to admit.

I will say one thing that I will put up with this as long as I possibly can only because it is so easy to work there. But once the shift is over I am out of there. No chummy chummy hanging around after for a beer. I know if I make a mistake I am a dog’s breakfast where I am. Yesterday’s history.

Working for someone who is giving me a lousy section on a Saturday night , giving me cheap parties to do as of late , I am not sure what to think. I thought in these places they gave you a job evaluation after a while. Since I have started I have never had one. Maybe that is good but maybe too they don’t want to acknowledge either what an excellent job I am doing.

I can tell you that the Prime Rib table when they left told me that my service was outstanding. I made sure I piped up about it when I saw one of the managers , and I know the GM saw them shaking my hand when they left. I can just think perhaps how deep down she is just yearning for someone to email head office for a complaint on me. Some nights I get tables all over the place. They keep me on till they can’t give me any more tables. Even when I am not closing I will get the ten top at 9:30 that will keep me there till the end.

I wish they had comment cards at these places cause I would have a treasure chest of good comments to hand in every night like the Millcroft Inn where I used to work a few years back. But that would probably piss them off.

To tell you the truth the reason why I would leave is the tips I have been making as of late. I know it should get better come the Fall but this month my wife who mainly just works breakfast has made almost the same as I have this month.

Last night I made $92 on a Saturday night watching some newbies walk out with a bunch more while my wife worked a couple of hours later till 2 to do lunch and she came home with $90.

Okay add it up it is a good day but if the trend is continuing through the next few months maybe I should save the gas and start looking to work closer to home.

Being a one car family I may have to anyway.



  1. Exactly that, it gets hard when the management are younger than you are, they often feel intimidated by your ability and would rather you not be there. How ironic that we pride ourselves on great knowledge and experience yet we get punished for such. I hope you sort it out for the better.

  2. That's so screwed up. I don't understand why management tries to push out good people. Sorry you're having a rough time. 😦

  3. Purplegirl…maybe it was just one of those nights but the 18 year old host noticed my section which made me think a bit.

  4. Chef's kitchen get's harder to work in this industry. If you think someone who is more than half the years younger than you and they are making more money just boggles the mind sometimes.

  5. It's sad that experience and quality aren't better than youth. Would the customers rather have a young server or a good server? I think it's a clear choice. Too bad your management doesn't see it that way.

  6. L.W. younger people are easier to manage for younger supervisors. It is understandable in some ways.

  7. Arrrgh! Move to France or Italy! Waiters are respected here in Paris. Little corporate shit, and if you piss off your waiter, it will be your day ruined, not theirs. Of course, I don't know what kind of mind games go on off the floor…particularly because these dudes are pros.Having been a server in the US for around 10 years a decade ago, I am really enjoying all these behind the barracades restaurant blogs.Now, where are my gottdam fries? 🙂

  8. Liz…welcome! Ah yes beautiful Europe. When I worked in Switzerland wait staff was treated with utmost respect. Those days are behind me though. You know kids , school etc…Darn.

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