I Get To Do This

A lot of people who wait on tables or tend bar start out doing it so they could get themselves through school or maybe as a second income just to make some money to pay off some debt or save up for a trip. Or like me they just get in cause it is easy to get into.

Then that stage passes and they just continue working in the business cause they just like working in it despite a few annoying guests and the unsociable hours. They kind of get hooked.

When they get a bit older two things will happen. They will either feel they have to do this cause they need to or they get to do this.

If someone feels they need to work as a waiter beyond the first stage mentioned above then they probably haven’t done as much as they could in the business because they have always thought about leaving it.

On the other hand you may feel as I do about the business because of all the traveling I have done. Like having worked in Europe , on cruise ships , as well as some fabulous resorts. Meeting my wonderful wife and having two beautiful children later on. As well , meeting some wonderful people on the way. You get to do this.

Once you get it , this is the easiest business one can possibly do. All you do is go to the table and take the order and make sure everything is good. That is it. The money takes care of itself.

I am just grateful each night that I have used and taken advantage of this industry as much as I have. The rest is gravy.

Now what are you? Do you need to do this or do you get to do this? Have you taken advantage of this industry if you have been in it awhile of all it has to offer? Or is it just torture till you find the other thing you are looking for?

What are your thoughts? Let it all hang out. I would be interested in hearing from you and where you stand.


  1. For all the stories I tell about rude customers and misfit management, I get to do this. I am a bit more involved than your average college student. I make sure I pursue advancements (better shifts) and make suggestions to management. I feel I am doing a good job of taking advantage of the industry, and for the most part, enjoying myself along the way.

  2. Definitely "have to do this." While there are some fun moments, I am not enough of a people person to do this my whole life.

  3. L.W…that is the main thing.You gotta enjoy it.

  4. Eternalcarryoutgirl…that is okay too as long as you have an exit strategy which I am sure you do. By the way welcome.

  5. Thanks for linking me. I really appreciate it. But I changed my url and I am now at http://www.thebitchywaiter.blogspot.com All my links no longer work. Would you mind relinking me? thanks!

  6. I have to do this.I don't really like food, I don't really like serving people. This is a well-known fact among my coworkers and it's sort of a joke. I took the job because it was the best way to make cash and friends in a new town without signing a contract, because I knew I was heading out to pursue my career as soon as I had enough in the bank. That said, I really like my job. I have a lot of fun with the people I work with, and I make every night a challenge for myself. I'm constantly improving and having that show in my tips is a great reward.I'm someone who puts her all into whatever she is doing, and I try to be the best at it (not always successfully). But yeah no, I don't like waiting tables.

  7. I have to do this in the sense of not being able to find another job that will work will my school hours and (mostly) pay my bills. I get to do this in the sense of it works will be hours and pays the bills, while not being really all that difficult.

  8. I definitely get to do this. This business has been good to me. I have enjoyed learning different aspects of the food and beverage industry. I've washed dishes, bussed tables, cooked, served food and now I am General Manager and event planner. I have been doubly blessed to have been able to learn these things under one roof as well. There are days we all wonder why, especially when our feet hurt, the customers have been rude, or we haven't made the tips we wanted to make. But something keeps us coming back. Whatever that something is, I hope we can all manage to retain it when things get challenging. Here's to full tip jars this weekend!

  9. Chris…you are a rarity being able to progress up like that all in one place. Kudos to you. I knew you would get to do this.

  10. A.K. but even though you have to do it you try to do it as well as you can and I really admire that. Great comment.

  11. Purplegirl…it's flexibility is a real good selling point while going to school. Some cash to pay the bills while you go.Awesome!

  12. Bitchywaiter…I will make that link in the morning. I am starting to fall asleep fast.

  13. Well, firstly I have read all the comments and I am a chef not a waiter (Rantingchef) for 20+ years. I would add that I get to do this. Also I find it very hard to accept the half ass attitude that often comes with some that just do it for some extra cash. Having said that it sounds like you all have some passion for what you do, which is great. And I do hope for you that the tips keep rolling in. At my place we share the tips half kitchen half floor. After all you can't have one without the other. The tips get pooled and on Saturday night divided. Some days you work long some you finish early. You can be working and travelling, you can have different days off to accommodate special events and lots more, just take the opportunities when you can and enjoy. I will say that you do need passion and a love for it to be very successful too.

  14. Chef's kitchen rant…I know by your blog you definitely have a passion for this industry and you make a point of living a life outside of it as well.

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