Tuesday Quiz

Okay here it goes. The last one before school starts a week from today. Get ready.

1. What is the name of the fruit of a tropical tree which originated in India? It is oval in shape and studded with small protuberances and can weigh up to 30 kg. It can be blanched and then peeled then eaten in stews or baked in the oven as a vegetable.

2. Jalousie sounds like jealousy in French but what part of the kitchen would you be preparing one in France?

3. A rémoulade is a cold sauce made by adding mustard , gherkins , capers , and chopped herbs to what?

4. After Sangiovese what is Italy’s most widely dispersed native red grape variety?

5. In wine terms what does ullage mean?


  1. 1. Litchi2. Stove???3. Mayo4. Montepulciano5. The small pocket of air between the top of the wine bottle and the cork.

  2. Massageon….welcome and you have quite a few right! Thank you for playing.

  3. damn it…..I like to get here after you post the answers…..heh

  4. Manuel…this isn't too bad. A couple I think you know already.

  5. Hey I'm late again, just like you Manuel, my timing is out.1. jack fruit2. pastry section3. Mayonnaise4. …..5. something with the cork.Looks like I would only get three out of five. Will have to brush up on my wine knowledge.

  6. Ranting Chef….very good indeed.I got to put some wine in so it is not so easy for you chefs.lol

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