Lousy Tippers and a Championship In Soccer

Suffice to say that recently I have been experiencing a lousy run of gratuities. I have been getting these groups that have been killing me. For example on Saturday I did 40 covers , tipped out $44 and walked out with $146. That is a lot of work for $146!

Thank heavens my wife who works as a Breakfast Supervisor locally in a 4 Diamond Dining Room is making some cash. Yesterday she came home with a $100 and last night I made $87. In fact , I think she is making more than I am this month so far!

On another note it was soccer weekend with my oldest who is 7 playing 3 games and coming on the short end of each of them. But my 5 year old’s team went through the year unbeaten and won all 5 games on the weekend. The last day when they won their last 3 games to win the championship they had to come from behind in all three.

And my guy was in net when the whistle blew to signal the end of the game and a 5-4 clinching victory.

It was his first taste of victory and now he is ready to play indoor soccer. That means as well I will be getting up at 5AM Sunday mornings to drive my wife to work so I can have the van to get him to the soccer matches that start at 8AM. Hey at least after that game I can come home and relax. Eight matches this weekend was something else! Fun but tiring but well worth it!



  1. I played soccer all growing up in leagues and on my school team in high school. I'm glad your kids are enjoying it! I'm even more thrilled to hear one is a goalie! That was position. It gives a unique perspective to the game. Not such a big deal when one is younger, but as he gets older and the competitiveness increases he will need to become someone who acts without questioning himself and also have good command of his defenders. A good goalkeeper is like a manager or quarterback of the defense.

  2. good to ear about the football! yeah tips haven't been great of late…very unpredictable…I just got a call from a waiter who was working tonight (monday) who made more tonight than on friday and saturday put together…go figure!

  3. Caleb…they sure like it a lot. It was a great time. Kids should all be in competitive sports to learn how to work together as a team I find.Keeps them occupied too and out of trouble.

  4. Manuel…maybe it is just late summer stuff. The economy despite what our glowing government says is not out of recession yet.Okay if you have millions to play with on Wall street maybe that is different.Ha

  5. That's so awesome about your son's soccer! Yay!! As far as the tipping goes, you know how that is, you'll end up having another phase of fantastic tippers for no good reason, like "this is the best water we've ever had! Here's twenty bucks!" and it will all even out. God bless.

  6. That is A LOT of soccer games for the lil' guys. Wow! Tell them we said congratulations. 🙂 [I just loved when Wallene was in, what we called, Midget Soccer – they are so much fun to watch!]

  7. Veteran Server…you are absolutely right!

  8. SkippyMom…it was a blast for sure.

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