A Feather In My Cap

The Director of Operations was in tonight making some observations and jotting down notes. He does that sometimes which is his job no doubt.

I had this table of two which was pretty happy with my suggestions and commented to me how they enjoyed their dinner. Anyway I am at the bar picking up a drink order and he comes up and says you see that couple walking out right now. A few of us are there and say yeah we see them. He ask who served that table in a kind of fake mean voice.

I pipe up it was me. He laughs and says that they said your service was awesome!

Didn’t make super great tips tonight but that more than made up for it.



  1. Sometimes, words are worth more than dollars. well done. Would be nice to see a bit more in the wage pack next week though.

  2. Chef's Kitchen Rant…it would be nice but won't happen.Lol

  3. A verbal tip is still a verbal tip [although I must say nicely done!] I hope at least THAT particular table tipped you well. 🙂

  4. Skippymom…the tip wasn't enormous but neither was their bill.

  5. good work Steve…..Friday tips were great all day and night Saturday was a total bum though….worst saturday night of the year….sunday was weirdly good though….you just cant predict these things ehps new solo bloghttp://www.crikeyandotherprofanities.com/

  6. Manuel..I will make a note of the blog and put it on my blogs to follow.This weekend has been hectic with 8 games of soccer between my two kids with the youngest one winning the championships. This month has been a crappy tip month. I guess people have just run out of money during the summer. Things should pick up soon I am hoping.

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