I’m Ready!

Here is how it is shaping up for a year from now. In other words here is what is on the to-do list for this year barring any unforseen events taking place.

Our two boys will have completed 3 more sessions each of swimming lessons. My youngest boy will have played a season of winter indoor soccer and will have followed up that with the outdoor summer season. Also my oldest boy will have done extremely well in piano lessons for another year.

Both will remain the smartest in their respective class with the older one getting the opportunity of going to the gifted school nearby to start grade 4.

My oldest one will have auditioned and got a part in the Orangeville Theatre play called the “Christmas Story.” This we just discovered tonight that they are holding auditions at the end of September and looking for a boy 6-13 years of age. Hey you never know unless you try and he is excited about trying. He wants to go to Science Camp again next summer too and take a drama class.

My wife and kids will get to Iceland for a holiday and all of us will head to the Icelandic Festival in Gimli Manitoba that is held at the beginning of August.

I will have finished my book by then which by the way I have done 5 chapters in the last month.

So now is the time to start working again after having over 30 days off during July and August. It is time to put the rubber to the road and get it done. It is done , done , done. Let’s get it started! I am so pumped about it I can hardly sleep.


  1. I think it is marvelous you have a plan and are working towards it. You inspire me.

  2. Chris…we gotta have a plan.

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