Tuesday Quiz Answers

No one gave a response today so here they are. It was not an easy quiz I admit. The first one probably everyone looked at and decided that was enough. But here it goes.

1. The fish that no one has heard of that is similar to a sea bream but has less flavor is called pandora or in French pageot.

2. Sablé is a round crumbly biscuit often with a fluted edge.

3. Ecailler is the french culinary term meaning to open shellfish. Also the name of someone in charge of opening oysters.

4. Grapes for wine making need good drainage so that the grapes have to fight for the water making the roots grow deep for it. Thomas Jefferson who was a wine lover once said the best place to grow grapes for wine is where food crops will not grow.

5. Pouilly Fuissé is the one with the Chardonnay grape and Pouilly Fumé is the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety.

Till next week. Have a good one!



  1. I am constantly amazed by the knowledge you have picked up over the years. Do you just make up the quizzes up off the top of your head or do you have to research all your questions?

  2. Caleb…thanks but I have to admit I do look up some of the questions like the first one. What is fun about it for me is by looking things up I learn as well. It helps to know where to look though.Glad you are having fun with the quizzes.

  3. Have been a bit off this week, and missed out again, only managed two this time. I will need to set myself a reminder!!!

  4. Chef's Kitchen Rant…Next Tuesday I will have another. Maybe in Australia that is Wednesday.Have a great week I know you are busy.

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