A Valuable Lesson in Life

Last night my son who is playing soccer did not want to go to his soccer practice because of the high temperatures and humidity. I said you have to go because it is very likely there will not be very many players there anyway and the practice would probably be cancelled.

We went and lo and behold the coach showed up with his son , and we were the only other ones to show up. In fact the weather cooled down a bit by this time and there was a breeze so it actually became pleasant. However the practice was cancelled , but while walking back to the car I said to him the most important thing that happened tonight is you showed up. In life you gotta show up.

Today my back went out and with back brace and pain I went into work tonight. It wasn’t busy so they just said go home and get better. I would have stayed if they needed me like I have other times in other places when I had no choice but to stay due to lack of staff. But at least I showed up tonight.

Sometimes when you think of backing off and saying to heck with it you gotta just go and show up. I reminded my son that I showed up for work just like he made the effort to go to practice last night. Good habits need to be ingrained early. You make the commitment to be in a certain place and no matter what , barring a major emergency , you should make every effort to show up.

In life you have to show up and participate. That is what it is about.



  1. Another excellent post from you. I totally agree with this. Showing up means you bothered to get ready and come to whatever it was even though you knew it would be canceled or you were sick, etc. The effort was made.At our golf course the high school golf team has begun it's practices. I hear from the coach daily how it irks him how some of the players don't show up for practice. The excuses range from the weather to they have other things going on. In the end, they will wonder why they were cut. Plain and simple: they didn't want to be bothered with showing up for practice.On another note, my husband has a yearly dinner for the company he works for that he attends, not because he enjoys it but because he knows it is important to be seen there and socialize with others in the company. He knows his attendance is noted and when the president comes around to hand out raises, he will ask why my husband was or wasn't at the dinner and he can say how much he enjoyed himself. Again, he showed up. Hope you feel better soon. Take good care of yourself.

  2. Chris…showing up means a lot in every circumstance doesn't it? I am wearing the brace today and not doing too much. Need to be better by Friday. Thanks.

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