What Was Your Greatest Verbal Tip?

Had a table of 15 last night which was fine but had to split it with another waiter as that is the house policy. The bill came to $771 and after the tip out we each made $21.90. But seeing they were from England that was probably a lot for them to leave as a tip.

Upon leaving I received 15 verbal tips though and another 4 top that included 2 kids commented on how great the service was upon departing to the host. They left $20 as a tip.

Aside from the verbal tip of great service , thank you very much , outstanding , wondering what my name was etc… I walked out of there with a paltry $69.

The last couple of shifts have been not so kind but I guess that goes with the territory. It is August , the heat has finally come and people have run out of money at least in my section.

By the way http://soyouwanttobeabanquetmanager.blogspot.com has a story of mine featured today. He really has a great site and I am an avid follower of his blog. You should be as well.

So what is the greatest verbal tip you have ever received??


  1. I have regulars that always complain about something every time they come in, except when I serve them. They once told me that they frequent many places in the area and I am the best server they have had anywhere. They always tip 10%.

  2. L.W. Hopefully that 10% is more than those other servers get.Sometimes you don't know whether to believe them or not when they say something like that. Although in your case it is probably true!

  3. Once a table overheard me dealing with another outrageously rude customer, and offered me a job based on my patience. I couldn't take it of course (in school) but it was flattering nonetheless!

  4. A.K.Patience is the most important quality I think a waiter can have.That is a great compliment.

  5. I have a group of 4 guys who come in to play golf and then have drinks afterward. They were all friends with my dad and also played golf with him as well. Although they have always appreciated the service I have given them, one night they told me how much they loved me being their bartender and that they always feel so welcome when they come in and have their drinks when I am tending bar. That is what I strive for with every customer is to make them feel welcome and not really like this is a workplace environment but more like I am entertaining like one would entertain guests at home. I think, at least for me, that works best for my situation. It gives a more personal touch.

  6. Chris…a personal touch is what insures a happy guest such as entertaining at home like you say. That is a nice compliment from those 4 people.

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