You Control Your Section

Okay you have been triple sat and a table needs to be cleared and your drinks for another table are just being prepared.

Quickly say hello to your 3 tables and say you will be right back so they are acknowledged. Go get your drinks if they are ready and drop them off at the table waiting and tell them you will be back in a couple of minutes to take their order. Then try to clear the other table entirely and hustle to the dishwash area and drop the dirty dishes off.

Go back and drop the dessert menus off to the cleared table and head back and make a round to the 3 tables that just were sat. Try to get the entire drink and dinner order if they are ready. But at least get the drink order. Then when you have done all 3 new tables head to the table with the drinks and take their food order too and go to the point of sale computer and punch everything in. People from the other table that have drinks in front of them can always wait a little longer than a table which doesn’t have anything.

After you have done punching in the new orders go back to the table with the dessert menus and get their order. Punch that order in.

Go back get the drinks that should be ready for the 3 new tables and take remaining food orders from those who did not yet order their meal and punch them in. Now run like hell and move the meal along so they can be out quickly.

All this may have only taken a few minutes.

The point I want to make here is to avoid getting stuck. By telling every table what I am doing and when I will be back allows me to continue the flow without it being broken. If someone wants me now and wants to ask me a question I say I will be right back. Screw em. I do not want my other tables to wait. I will be back.

I gotta move along so that everyone is attended too quickly. Then when all the meals come out and everyone finishes just about the same time then we can do another flip in my section and I can make more money.

Easy peasy!

Of course this is subject to change. A table of 8 will be in less a hurry than a table of 2.

Any questions?



  1. This gave me flashbacks. You described this perfectly and is how it should be done.

  2. SkippyMom…thanks for that.Hope you are all doing fine.

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