35 Days Off This Month

My wife and I had in total 35 days off this month and we still averaged a little over $900 a week take home pay. What business can you work in that gets you that kind of income and have that much time off to spend with your kids in the summer time?

I don’t know if this will last forever but I have to say that I am enjoying it while I can!


  1. I had to read the title twice before I realized that you were including Soley 🙂 – I thought to myself, uh…wait, there aren't 35 days in a month. Hee…that's what vacation will do to a gal!Nice job!

  2. SkippyMom…must have been a good vacation,eh?

  3. Awesome numbers. There is no other industry like waiting for sure.

  4. LW…I am in a good spot and so is the wife. That doesn't happen often and when it does you don't want to think about going anywhere else.I will work of course more beginning in the Fall.

  5. It is indeed wonderful! Life can truly have some sweet rewards:)

  6. Chris…it sure has some memorable times. I could wait till I am 70 with this lifestyle.

  7. I got two days off this month. I worked two thirteen day weeks, 8 to 12 hours doing the most monotonous work you could imagine. After taxes, I only made about two hundred more than you a week.Wanna trade?

  8. Anonymous…that is cruel to work so much during summer!

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