A Unique Set-Up

One time I worked at this restaurant in England for a few days when I was with an agency and the tables in the dining room had nothing but the chairs , tablecloth , and salt and pepper on it.

Then when the people arrived and we took the order we put all the cutlery down they needed and got their drinks. That was it. When you think of it , although it looked kinda silly seeing a table empty without utensils , there was absolutely not one on the table afterwards that did not have a purpose.

Then when the meal was over the table was empty again and crumbed down to get ready for the dessert order and then we would repeat the same process.

Pretty cool even though it did slow down the service , then again no one was in a hurry to eat either.

What different table settings has anyone out there come across in their travels or jobs?



  1. If I have a group of six or more, I set out a glass of water, silverware, an app plate and a menu. For tables of less than six I never automatically bring water because it diminishes the chances that they will order beverages with a price tag. However, with a group, I find that the water ahead of time is a great time saver. They have something in their hands so they aren't impatient while you're getting organized, and that way if a helpful person in your party of, say, 14, says, "oh yeah, and waters for everyone!" when you're done taking everyone's order, you don't have to bring out 28 drinks. Which is quite a task. Lol! God bless!

  2. Everywhere that I have worked besides Hooters has full place settings on the tables prior to customers being seated at them. Rolls of silverware, condiments, sugars, drink menus, salt and pepper, cream, etc. It took a lot of getting used to when I began working at Hooters where silverware was delivered after the customer ordered their food.

  3. K.H. I didn't know Hooters delivered the silverware after the food order.Come to think of it when I was at the Hooters in Las Vegas they brought the silver after the order.Bars deliver the silver afterwards to come to think of it usually in a roll up.But dining areas it is pretty rare , it is usually already on the table.

  4. The Veteran Server…the only reason I still bring the water to everyone no matter what size is like you say it is a time saver and two if the people haven't decided and taking a long time , if there is water in the glass it signals to everyone like the floor managers that yes I have been to their table and introduced myself. Also when I go get the water I can get back to the table quicker than if I am just standing there waiting until they are ready.It gives me an excuse to get back to them right away. Usually when I get back with the water they will be ready to order.I don't bring the water automatically in hand upon my greeting.As well they may want mineral water anyway.

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  6. You should have seen the napkins!

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