Waiting on Tables Is What I Do

At the beginning of the month I was wondering if all the restaurant goers decided to go on holiday at the same time. The first two weeks were brutal.

Now heading into the last few days of the month it looks like we are on track to beat our earnings from last June which is real good. Last night I even chalked up more sales than I did Saturday night which is rare.

I am not sure what was going on last night but everyone was ordering the nice bottles of wine and ordering the full meal , from appetizers and the entree , to the dessert.

Had an interesting table of five which were heading back to England. When I mentioned have a nice flight back she says oh no we are heading to the States first then taking the Queen Mary back home. That would sure be nice , wouldn’t it! Then another table was trying to prospect me into a network marketing business. Quite the weekend!

Over the last 3 days in particular my tip percentages have been quite high at least for these parts. Last night my sales were $1380 and my tip out was a whopping $46 but I still walked out of there with a $185 for a 16.7% average tip.

To add onto that my wife came home with $100 in the morning. It doesn’t always work out so well but with holidays coming fast , beginning on Saturday when we head out for a week , we will take it.

The one thing I have to say that I really like about waiting on tables is the immediate gratification you get when someone leaves you a nice tip for your service. There is no better feeling than driving home thinking that you helped someone have a great night out with their family and friends.

For as long as I can I will wait on tables whether it be full time or part time although the hours I am working now it may as well be part time. Not only does it give me a bit of exercise throughout the day but it gives me a sense that I am serving the public good by serving others.

Also the money is not half bad either!



  1. The exercise is one of my favorite parts of this job. And I agree about the instant gratification. I love getting that over-average tip and knowing that the customer left happy, whether they told me directly or not.

  2. Lone Waitress…I am with you. I think that is what has kept me in for this long.

  3. I love people, so I actually enjoy serving, which I think is very important. I've never understood all the servers out there who just hate the public! That said, the main reason I still do it is the tips. Sure you can average $7 an hour on a horrific day, but the average is a lot higher than that, and those $35 an hour nights are awesome! Great site,I'll be back! 🙂 God bless.

  4. The Veteran Server…hi and welcome! Those people who hate the public I don't quite get but I know they don't last long or make any money.

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