It Is Going to Be a Great Summer!

Well it has been a pretty good week for this household. First of all the boys finished school yesterday and my grade 2 guy is once again in the excellence club with even his classmates telling me that he is the smartest in the class. Our younger guy is going into Senior Kindergarten next year but he is far ahead for his age. They gave him a reading test which is unusual for JK and they stopped him at Grade 1 level. The last day he read Chicka Chicka 123… to the class.

My 7 year old got a 74 on his Level 1 piano exam where he has to know by heart 3 songs , and 2 more from the book , as well as a bunch of majors and minors , etc.. Considering he only takes a 1/2 hour lesson a week and he does that well with practicing on his own with hardly any help from anyone in the house says a lot.

We refinanced our mortage and threw in the van so we are saving $600 a month on that and the house will be paid off when I am just around 65 so I will be able to sail into the sunset rather than have a big chunk left to pay.

Our fridge is going kaput so we thought maybe we would need to borrow a bit of money but with this refinance the bank person said we should get up to $2000 when the transfer from the old lender to the new one next week is complete. That is really good. So a loan may not be necessary.

My wife asked to be given full time status so now in 3 months she will get the medical benefits that help out a lot when it comes to the dentist for the kids and prescription , so that is a savings there. She threatened to leave otherwise.

We are taking care of a neighbour’s boy beginning in August which will bring in $400 more a month. It is not a big deal and it will continue throughout the school year. Our little one and him play well together.

I have 2 week’s vacation coming up from July 4th to the 16th inclusive and one of those weeks at a sandy beach resort we go to every year.

Then during the summer there will be a trip to Lion Safari and Marineland with the kids , soccer twice a week. One week in July of Science camp and Play camp for the kids. Plus the piano lessons.

The wife and I are going to see Bryan Adams in August. We have a night stay with breakfast and dinner included to use up at a neighbouring inn. A lunch my wife won plus a night accomodation another night at the inn where she works. We have two free movie passes too to use up.

Throw in the usual visits and Canada Day celebrations and some work to keep it all going then before you know it we are back to September.

But it sure is going to be a fun , hectic summer!



  1. AWESOME! You should be so proud of the boys! Way to go!Your summer sounds like fun – I hope you have a great vacation and the boys enjoy camp.Have fun.

  2. SkippyMom..sure am and you all as well. I will still be posting throughout.

  3. You had me at Bryan Adams!!Congrats, lots of exciting stuff happening to your family!!GH

  4. G.H…sure is and here is hoping yours' is as good as well.

  5. Sounds like a wonderful summer you will have:) I am sincerely happy for you and your family. You so deserve this.

  6. Chris…thanks and I hope the best summer for you as well. I am a bit excited for this summer as it looks like a real good one shaping up.

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