Don’t Try To Screw Me Around

Tonight I was the closer and I have to sign off every one’s read out signifying they have completed their side job.

I mentioned to the supervisor that when she takes the cash out report from this particular one to make sure that I have signed it. So I see this waitress walking back to give in her cash out and this particular supervisor wasn’t there that I had spoken to but another one was.

Following them into the office I watch what this other supervisor is going to do and it looks like nothing so I chime in and say it look’s like there is still more to be done with your side job. She says yeah I will do that and she does.

You see that is why I am the closer at night. I make sure everyone does what they are supposed to do before they leave.

I don’t care if they have worked there for 15 years , they will do their side job because if they don’t I will have to and that is not good for me.

That is why I was a good manager when I was. No favourites amongst the staff and no free rides for anyone. Just do your job and don’t try to get away with it. Or else there will be consequences.

That is my way. Do it or else….



  1. You've earned their respect. Justified I am sure.I always dreaded being closer as I was so much younger and they never listened 🙂 [back in my 20's] but the mgmnt knew I would take care of the slack.

  2. SkippyMom…maybe that is true.

  3. I had that problem at my last place. I was always stuck with closing work because management said that it had to be signed off on, but would let people go without my signature anyway. Now I work at a place where there is only one server at a time so it's all on my anyway. I prefer it this way.

  4. Lone Waitress…been there too closing up on my own so no sign offs done there. Set the alarm as well.No hassles.

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