What Do You Do In This Situation?

Here is a good question for you waiters out there.

I was once told that when you give the bill to someone and after you have run it through the credit card machine that when you bring it back , instead of just dropping it off to be signed and go somewhere else you should just stand there and wait till that person fills it out. By standing there waiting for the guest to fill out the tip and total portion they will tip you more because you are right there waiting. They will feel a bit nervous with you standing there in other words.

On a night like this I was tempted to try it out since the tips were garbage tonight.

What do you think out there? Stand and wait , or just drop off the credit card to them and pick it up after?


  1. As a customer, and someone who tips really well every time I go out, I am sitting here trying to figure out if that would irritate the heck out of me or not. I think it would.

  2. I would never wait,…makes mé feel uncomfortable.Plus I could be doing other things while they're thinking about how much they should tip.(On the other hand we just got a new debit/credit machine, which you can take to the table, and there's an option to tip 15% or 'other'…so then I've to wait anyway)

  3. Geesh. Probably drop it and leave. I say this only because waiting may be awkward for the guest, but its also really awkward for me.

  4. I think most people would consider it rude, or just wonder what the hell you were doing standing there. I've occasionally done it when they had my last pen after the rest had been stolen or something, and it always felt super awkward.

  5. Purplegirl…it is kind of unusual to just stand to the side and wait I agree and would appear to be rude. But I don't think it would affect the tip either way anyway so why bother right? Great comment purplegirl.

  6. Nat…welcome I think this is your first comment on the blog.We have a debit machine too and I don't find waiting for it makes much difference on the tip either. Sort of indicates what would happen with the CC.

  7. G.H. I think all the responses have a central theme and that is to just leave it and do something else. Thanks for your thoughts.

  8. cd0103…Thank you as a customer for replying and for reading the blog. I think your comment from a customer's point of view settles it for me.People will tip well or they will not whether the waiter is nearby or not. I figured as much.

  9. I always drop and leave. I can't imagine standing there doing anything other than annoying the guest.Plus, it would make ME uncomfortable as well as keeping me from doing other important things.In fact, whether I believe it or not, I usually say, "Here's your check. There's no rush. Let me know when you're ready". Of course, I leave this out when the restaurant is slammed.The guest has just paid from $60 to $100 a head for dinner. They deserve nothing less.Having said that, I can certainly move them along if necessary. It all depends on the circumstances. But I would never just stand around hoving.dave

  10. Dave…I pretty much have to agree with what has been said by everyone on the subject. You bring up some good points as well. I think I will just continue the policy of thanking them when dropping it off and moving on to other tasks a-waiting.

  11. As a server, I dropped and left, unless I was asked to wait. I feel the customer already knows what my service was worth to them and my standing there isn't going to influence them whatsoever if I am standing there or not. If anything, it may have a negative effect on what they will tip me. I keep in mind always, tipping is an option, it is never an expectation, in my opinion.As a customer, I ask them to wait because I don't like my receipt left on the table. That's just my personal preference though.

  12. Chris…Yeah it appears like standing there is not a good idea amongst everyone.Thanks for your insightful comment.

  13. At the restaurant I worked at we had a cashier at the front who took care of all this so once I dropped the check people generally paid on their way out. There were some people where I could see that they had their card out waiting but were obviously still talking and enjoying the time with their friends so I would volunteer to run their cards up for them and bring back the slip to be signed and I would usually wait but I think that if it was the norm for me to run the card I would generally not stand off to the side. Just my $.02 worth.

  14. I had that happen for the first time at brunch today. We figured the waiter stood there because our table was so near the door and he was afraid of a "dine and dash."He had been a terrible, if very sweet waiter and I did end up giving him more than his service deserved because he was staring at the check. It was super, super annoying because I felt rushed and coerced. But it did result in a bigger tip. But—it won't work again because we won't be flustered a second time. Does that help? lol

  15. Caleb…I hear you. A great example of providing good service offering to run up and get the credit card done for them at the cashier.I hope you got tipped well.Ah I am sure you did!

  16. ilsalund…welcome and ahha now there is an example of how it feels when it does happen to a guest.Very uncomfortable and certainly ready to not be intimidated the next time. Interesting though and probably something the waiter best avoid especially after giving mediocre service.You will remember the next time. Thanks for that!

  17. I actually did stand at the table tonight while two girls who'd paid with separate cards were signing their slips. They had the same paycard as I do (where our paychecks get automatically deposited) and asked how they liked them.Neither left me anything.

  18. Purplegirl…that stinks! I mean real friendly and left you nothing. But actually you are supposed to not talk to make them feel real uncomfortable.Hard to do I admit.

  19. As a former waitress I would've never done this – as I would feel uncomfortable and I know the guest would.As a customer? It would annoy the heck out of me because I like to figure out the tip and check the receipt while doing so [can't tell you how many times we get charged for what we don't order or haven't been charged for what we did] Anyway…in these times we really only go to the places we are regulars and they would never deign to do it [they know they are getting a good tip, b/c they are awesome and we tip well :)]If a waiter did this to us I would not tip as well. Hope that helps.

  20. SkippyMom…for sure and the waiter would be stupid to stand by if they knew you were a good tipper anyway.Great comment!

  21. When I was a Waiter, I didn't hover, but sometimes I might get to yakkin' so much that I wound up there anyway.I'm kind of the same way as a customer-Waiter brings the check and I am liable to be talking to him w3hile I do the business part. And I'm one of these guys that you can't really get the check to quick enough. I don't know why, but invariably I find myself waiting for the waieter to bring the check…maybe its because I talk so much, or because I don't have coffee, drinks or dessert after, I just eat and go, baby, eat and go…no one ever seems to bring me the check in a timely manner…Hey, maybe they just don't want me to leave!Could that be it?

  22. Bulletholes…that will kill a good tip pretty quick when people wait for the check. I don't even clear the table sometimes if they want it right away. Get them out of there. Can clean the mess later.

  23. oh, i always leave a good tip. its not really their fault. They have no way of knowing the I am an eat and run kind of guy.

  24. I live in Utah and I just found out that waitstaff only makes a little above $2.00 an hour. And even then, restaurant management have them come in to do prep and stay to clean… all for a measly $2/hr.Why would anyone do this? Can't they go on strike? It seems to me that this type of practice should be illegal. Can anyone give me insight?

  25. Anonymous…that is disgusting! Obviously no one who actually needs to make a living can be a waiter.Thanks for stopping by.

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