Here Is My Top Ten For Answering This Stupid Question

Tonight I was back at work running some food for a waitress in the bar. I put down the last plate and the lady says she was missing the lobster. I catch the waitress and mention the lady is missing the lobster when she replies back that she did punch it up.

No problem I say to myself and I head back to the kitchen to find out the expeditor forgot it so I grab the lobster and bring it out while the waitress is at the same table with the one she is training.

All is well and I drop off the lobster and I am on my way.

A few minutes pass and I see her with her trainee at the POS terminal and she sees me and says , ” Are You Busy?”

Now I just delivered the lobster that was forgotten back in the kitchen for her and she has someone working with her when just after a short time she ask me that question. Now it was far from busy and she has someone working with her for heaven’s sake.

A lot of the times I find I am asked this a lot , “Are you busy?” I just looked at her and that said everything. I don’t mind helping but c’mon it is not even busy and most times anyway when someone ask that question by the time they get someone , if they had just started what they needed help with they would probably finish the job sooner.

So my top 10 answers that go through my mind when someone asks me “Are You Busy?” are;

Answer Number

10. Absolutely I will , right after I tell my guest that they have to wait a few minutes longer before I take their drink order.

9. For sure , what else do you think is missing in the last food order that I can deliver for you?

8. Yes! In fact could I have your schedule for next week to make sure I am on the same shifts as you so I can be here to help you out.

7. No question! In fact tell the person you are training to head home so I can work with you rather than take care of my section.

6. Yes I will be right with you as soon as I can so I can get the bread that has been sitting at the hub for the last 5 minutes while you have been waiting for me to get the lobster.

5. Anything you would like me to do will be my pleasure as I have been waiting since the last time I worked on Saturday honing my intuitive skills so I would exactly know when you would need my help tonight.

4. No worries , forget me I just want to help you make as much gratuities as possible while my section suffers.

3. Absolutely! Anyone who has worked here for a few years and is training someone definitely can use a third hand.

2. Holy cow for sure I see you were single sat!

and last of all the number 1 reply is

I know you are just asking me that so you can see what my 50 year old face looks like all scrunched up!!!

Actually most of the time I still help……..



  1. FUNNY! and all so true![Like the new pic.]

  2. SkippyMom..thanks to both the post and pic!

  3. I'm all for being a team player. It was stressed at Steak N Shake where I was a server but some people take it way toooooo far. Let's just face it, not everyone is cut out to be a server, or at least one with a busy section getting double and triple sat.

  4. Caleb..welcome and yes I have to agree with you on that.

  5. WHEN I WAS A WAITER , THE OTHER WAITERS USED TO GET MAD AT ME BECAUSE i NEVER MADE TEA OR COFFEE.They'd say'Steve, when was the last time you made coffe?"And I'd say "Are we out?" and they'd say 'No, I just made some" and I'd say "Is there a problem" and they'd say "When was the last time you made coffee" and I'd say "Go screw yourself" real low under my breath and they'd say 'What?" and I'd say "What?" and then we would all get drunk together later that night.It all evens out.

  6. Bulletholes…yes that would be you I am sure! Ha! Hey Chef!!

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