Steven Can You Run This Food Out?

On Saturday I got a bit screwed up. It seems like everytime we go back to the kitchen to get a soda or coffee for a table the food expeditors are looking for someone to run some plates out.

Well at this particular moment I was running back to get these four coffees for two different tables and was in a hurry cause their desserts were coming out just about the same time. Just before that I got a new table that just sat down and so I went asap over there to say I will be right back to give myself a minute to get these four coffees and whip the desserts out.

Also at the same time this other table had just finished their dessert and were waiting for their bill and my other table was okay as they were busy eating their main course.

So no big deal , just get the coffees and the desserts and I am ahead of the game. So while I am getting the coffee set up I hear Steven can you run this food out. Just about when I am about to say no the manager says Steven run these two plates out and I will get your coffee set up done. So now I have to run this food out. I come back and there are no teaspoons as usual when you need them so the manager is looking for spoons.

So I run the desserts over cause they are ready now and my train of thought is gone. I get back and the teaspoons are washed and I find my coffees there now ready to go so I deliver them while they are still hot.

My other table I get the bill for and the other one has just finished and they want their bill. They pay then all of a sudden I think. Christ my new table!

Fortunately the waiter who was previously doing that table took the order. It must have been 10-15 minutes later when I realized that I forgot all about them.

But fuck me! I had everything in order until I was told to run this fuckin’ food out , then there were no teaspoons for the coffee. Lost my train of thought and lost a table.

You know sometimes I feel like I am a food runner first who just takes a few tables throughout the night for pete’s sake. I never worked like that before. Why couldn’t the manager just run it out and let me get the coffee because all I had to do afterwards was come back and deliver it anyway.

Then to top this night off a waiter who left at about 9 just before leaving comes up and asks me to watch her table 20 for her. They have paid and had their coffee but just keep an eye on them.

Well I forgot that too but usually people just leave shortly thereafter anyway.

So I am cashing out and the other waiter who is still on I see him walking over to table 20 and I am thinking to myself my lord they have been there now since 9 finished their dinner and paid. They tell the waiter it is about time someone showed up cause they want more coffee.

It is now 11:30 and they have been there waiting for a coffee! I am glad he went over there but fuck me can’t people just pack up and go home. They must have been there since like at the earliest 8PM or 7:30 and it is now 4 hours.

I do not like corporate restaurants. It is like working in a drive thru without the car. People who dine in them for the most part just abuse their stay. Now these people may have complained after they left and who will get the blame but I of course. I said I would keep an eye on the table. I was the closer so who else was that waiter to ask.

I have to get out of here and get something else in due time. Maybe do corporate part time and work some lunches elsewhere in town. Besides the way gas prices are going up the half hour commute is going to become painful during the slow summer season.

Let’s get the time off I will request in July and see what is coming up after that opportunity wise. To top it off the wife since her inn was bought by a corporate chain has decreased staff , and tips as well , so she is looking too.

We shall see………….


  1. I worked corporate for 2 miserable near suicidal years. It is insanity, and finally I just snapped. I work at a locally owned restaurant now, and it is way better.

  2. G.H….I might do the same.

  3. Oh, corporate restaurants. I’m struggling with the same problem.

  4. Purplegirl…It’s unreal isn’t it.

  5. I sincerely wish y’all the best. I hope the situation improves.As for that last table? C’mon! If they complain then someone needs to tell them this isn’t a coffee house – you don’t hang out for TWO hours after dinner service to sip coffee and chat. Go home, go to a bar, go to a COFFEE house for goodness sakes.You should not be in trouble for that. I can see if they complained at 10 pm about no more coffee [b/c you forgot], but to wait two hours and THEN say something? Nuh uh….That is just abuse.

  6. SkippyMom…Yeah I think I shouldn’t have to worry about it. But some people really get me thinking. What people do these days is all a bit too much.

  7. I have never worked for a corporate restaurant before but being on the opposite side of the table, I will tell you I would prefer it if my original server would serve me my meal instead of another server. It’s confusing and if there is a problem, do I ask my original server or the server who just gave me my meal? And then there is the tip. Even though I should tip my original server, what about the poor soul who got lassoed into having to serve me my meal because my original server was too busy or unavailable? Why should they get screwed because of poor planning on my server’s part?Enough of my whining, I feel your pain on this subject and keeping one’s concentration while working. Yo develop a method, a good rhythm and then something or someone goes and throws it off. Now you’re in the weeds. No one wins and everyone’s screwed, including the customer. Why manager’s don’t see this is beyond me. A manager’s place is upstairs counting the money, not in the trenches trying to “help”. We know what we need, we know what to do, let us do our damn job. Just sign the paycheck at the end of the pay period, tyvm.I can see you working in a swanky bistro or in fine dining, not in the bullshit you are presently in. I wish you all the luck in the world in getting a job that sets well within your heart.

  8. Chris…if I can find a job in fine dining I would go back but the thing is there is not much available. I live in fast food nation. A change may be soon imminent though.

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