The Quiz Answers

Okay this wasn’t too bad and I think most of you probably got a few right with maybe the last question being on the more difficult side.

The answers are;

1. Poteen is the answer I was looking for.

2. Red Eye is the correct response. Sounds like some high energy drinks took their cue from this one.

3. A Whiskey Mick is a combination of Irish Whiskey and Ginger wine.

4. The native American Indian called it Firewater.

5. Boise is essences of oak that are added to brandy in cask to enhance the aroma of oak and the tannin content. At the same time it can give the brandy an impression of maturity.

Okay till next week have a good one!


  1. I usually Google this stuff up because I am not patient enough for the answers, but I don’t pretend to know if I don’t.Whiskey Mick doesn’t show anything, but Whiskey MACK goes to your drink. is it a regional thing maybe?I’d never heard of Prison Toilet Hooch until last week, and if you google that you will cwertainly be fairly disgusted.I have heard of Canned Heat and the Pink Lady. I doubt you serve that up where you work, though there might be some in the storeroom.

  2. Bulletholes…yes the Whiskey Mack is with Scotch and the Mick is with Irish Whiskey. Pink Lady that is your gin , cream and grenadine isn’t it? Depending on where you work now you may still serve it.

  3. The Pink lady I speak of is a can of Sterno.

  4. Bulletholes…Ohhhhhhhh……..I see now.Hey Chef!

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