The Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay here it goes. The answers you have been waiting for. Hard wasn’t it?

1. This liqueur’s name is Van der Hum which roughly translated from the Afrikaans means “what’s-his-name.”

2. Cerasella is the Italian liqueur that I am sure was on the tip of your tongue.

3. That Japanese spirit made from fermented sweet potato juice you all know by it’s name Schochu.

4. The multiple choice answer for sapinette is a fermented drink that is produced in small quantities from some provinces in Eastern France by boiling the flower tips from the black fir tree with sugar and yeast. Eeeeekkk!

5. You have to be a paysan from France to get this one but the slang word in French that means to peck at food is the verb , “becqueter.” J’ai becquete mon bifteck avant de m’excuser de la table. Or something like that.

Okay next week I promise not as hard. This was cruel today of myself.



  1. I would have got those if I had been here earlier……ha! probably not…..

  2. Manuel…maybe I should do two quizzes on Tuesday to make it fair on the time zones. Ha! Thanks for dropping by. I know you got a lot on your mind these days. Peace bro.

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