Can You Please Be a Little More Generous

Last night my last table is a new busgirl that was just hired a couple of weeks ago and a friend and her mother. The busgirl is probably 18 at the most and her mom looks like she is 38. They are all giddy , her mom is the giddiest. She orders a cosmo and the two underagers order a virgin strawberry daiquiri.

They have two appetizers and just sit there….forever. Her mom orders another cosmo and then I give them the bill. With the staff discount the bill comes to $40.31. Her mom pays by debit and leaves me a whopping $3!

I am probably 34 years older than this busgirl and older than her mom for sure , taken sommelier program , traveled everywhere , been Maitre’d , assistant food and beverage manager, head waiter , bar manager , and her mom who was probably 8 when I took a bartending course leaves me $3! This after the previous table left me $7!

Do you know the pain that comes from biting my tongue and taking this crap! But I smile and walk away. I never have made tips this low in my life.

Maybe after my summer holidays I should reconsider this corporate bullshit! Convenient hours aside. It is warm out now and the place is emptying.

I could probably do better tip percentage wise working a busy breakfast somewhere else than do this. Then at least I would have the evenings free to teach more.

My options are open…..


  1. Damn. My heartfelt sympathy for you.It is SO hard to bite your tongue on those kind of tips, especially when they involve co workers. Damn.[sorry]Don’t go do breakfast – you will hate yourself, the customers and it is a quantity thing, not a quality thing….your tips will be junk unless you can turn and burn – for what? Hold on. The economy HAS to turn around…and you do have school to bolster you.I am sorry it is this tough, but it can’t stay this way.Come see my [hopefully] new Puppy…he will make you smile. 🙂

  2. SkippyMom…I just need to blow off some steam.It is a temporary thing I know but well you know what I mean….I think we are still doing better than most.

  3. Ouch…that sucks. I’ve had customers like that. Keep them in drinks, humor them, flirt a little and what do I get for my trouble but the loose change. ‘Tis the life of working this profession *sigh*.Go ahead and vent. It’s your blog and we come to commiserate with you. It’s good you have some options to consider. That’s the beauty of this profession, there are almost always options.

  4. Chris..there is always options but the convenience of working there still outweighs the change at least for now.

  5. Oh those virgin drinks. Somehow someway they are a little more annoying than the real drinks.. no clue whyOf course a milkshake is the worst. Especially when it’s a table of 12 and three kids want three different flavors of them…

  6. Schmuckraker…Welcome.That has got to be bad with the milk shakes. Chuck E Cheese it reminds me of.Not that I have worked there.

  7. your overlooking the chance to EDUCATED the mom thru her daughter. Go over how they lingers and then tipped POORLY DESPITE the discount.We have a hostess that I refuse to take her food order because she doesnt tip and I refuse to pay 4% out of my pocket to fed her ass.And keep the faith it can get worse-last night I had 1 lady at a 10 top who was a micromanager-I would discuss her husband’s order with him and she is sitting next to him doing NOTHING. Yet I have to re-discuss the info with her. She complains and gets me off the table. I had by this time taken their full order for dinner INCLUDING her husbands reorder of an entree with customization AFTER the dinner order was sent in. I lost out on $54 in grat with no further alcohol sales (half my income for the night) plus they lingered for the live music from 630 to 10 pm thus costing me another turn. I am SO looking forward to my sit down with the GM tonight over it.Funny thing is I didnt change my demeanor one bit and all my other tables loved me just didnt tip well.

  8. I will never ever do corporate again……and sometimes you just know when it;s time to move on….

  9. Food Service Ninja…that must have been a brutal table. What happened on the meeting with the GM? What a bitch this lady was!

  10. know then what I am going through. Not so easy is it?

  11. Serving fellow staff is either a big tip or a big disappointment. You win some….better luck next time. I agree that the 5% tips are becoming a more and more common thing. If people can’t afford to tip, I would recommend that they stay at home – then I could too! Just give it back to her next time you see her – “You need this more than I do!”

  12. Michael..hey buddy you know it! Sunday actually turned out to be my best night of the week.

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