You Really Know How Insignificant You Are When….

You used to work in a restaurant and serve this couple all the time and you left that restaurant for somewhere else and a year and a half later when you see them again they ask you when you left the other restaurant.

That is what happened to me tonight. The Martins , husband and wife , get seated in my section and I immediately recognize them. I walk over and say hello. They gaze up at me and she looks at me like she usually did like yeah I know you , who the what the f…are you again?????? He looks up at me like 2 deers in a headlight with a smile and goes like ooooooohhhhhhhhhhh…..

I remembered what they drank but there was no real conversation going on between us other than when did you start here and you don’t work at the other place anymore? You see I grew up in Montreal and they are from Montreal and on a weekly basis I would start to talk about Montreal and she would say , oh are you from Montreal too??? And I would respond with yah doughhead! We only just talked about Montreal last week asshole!

I talked with them a bit after their meal but I think they really didn’t care too much about what was being said.

They did mention however that they were at the other restaurant last Saturday and a waiter with a pony tail served them. Oh you must have been served by Alex I said. Yeah they answer it must have been him. Another waiter leaving a great impression on them for sure. Yeah right!

They paid their bill and left and really couldn’t be happier they didn’t sit there for hours like the other restaurant. At least I didn’t have to start up again about Montreal and hear her say one more time , oh are you from Montreal?




  1. You do know now that the temptation to ask you "So, are you from Montreal?" at the beginning of every comment I leave you is now overwhelming, don't you? giggggggle….I am kidding, but don't laugh if it shows up once & a while.

  2. SkippyMom…serving them was like the movie Groundhog Day everytime.

  3. meh…..I know how it goes……I meet people on the street that I serve and it;s like they have never met me before… rude….

  4. Manuel…it’s true.

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