Would You Have Got One?

Had this table of 3 ladies tonight. Upon serving their wine one of them asks me if I had a cigarette. I said no and then she asks me if I would go to the bar and get one off someone with whom I work with. I just smile and say well……oh I will be right back I have to attend to something. Then when I did return I take their order and try to forget that she even asked.

Their French Onion soups come out and one of them goes out for about 15 minutes and comes back with smokes for her friend. Everything is cool and they are happy with the whole meal and thank me very much for the pleasant dinner.

Here is my question then , would you have gone to the bar to get a smoke for this lady?



  1. Nope. Your job description does not include running about and searching for cigarettes because a woman at your table is out. If she needs one that badly, either she can head to the gas station to purchase a pack for herself, or she can beg for one on her own. You have better things to do, like your actual job.

  2. K.H. I agree with your summation. Anyway I thought while she was asking me like she sounded like she was trying to quit and I would be doing her a disservice by getting one.As it turned out though her friend went out and bought her a pack anyway. She didn’t appear she wanted to quit after all.Just bum a smoke.

  3. I would have fudged and told a fiblet, stating we are not allowed to carry our tobacco products onto the premises. I have had this happen to me before and have used the above as an excuse. Works every time and no one is offended. It’s all in the wording:)Before our kitchen closed, we used to serve a wonderful French Onion soup. I so miss it.

  4. For a regular I would’ve asked a co-worker – just as a courtesy and if they were favorite, excellent regulars. Then again I would do this for a friend too.Otherwise? Nope. And it isn’t so much the cigarette – it is the point of it. Is it food or beverage? No – it isn’t in the job description. I never kept aspirin, newspapers, matches/lighters or scrap paper around when I waitressed but you would be amazed how many people asked for those things.

  5. Actually, if you were my server and had found me a cig. The tip you received wouldve been very nice. So maybe you cost your self some money. Just a thought

  6. Anonymous…maybe if she didn’t grovel for it and then ask if I can find her a light cigarette. I just sort of looked at her amazed that she would specify the kind she wanted.I didn’t mention that part. Besides I didn’t want her making trips outside all the time for a smoke during dinner. The tip was okay but more if I got her a smoke not really. Most everyone who comes to the restaurant where I work have pretty much decided on what they are going to tip beforehand.

  7. Chris…our place and our province for that matter doesn’t sell smokes anymore in restaurants. Pretty much no smoking everywhere.If they want to smoke there is a smoking area outside. I am not crazy about anyone smoking only because the entire meal lasts a lot longer because of the spaces in between courses. The table last night was not bad though cause she was the only one who smoked.

  8. SkippyMom…there is no regulars for the most part where I work. For others maybe they have friends who go but I don’t have anyone who pops in and says Hi Steven or anything like that.I like it better that way honestly.I live out of town.The only other friends I have are waiters for the most part.

  9. No…not a bloody chance and I would have told her so too…..I am a waiter not a cigarette shop…….the bloody cheek of her…..

  10. Manuel…yep right on!

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