The 5 Answers to Today’s Quiz

Okay here we go with the answers.

1. Polish Zubrowka is a vodka from Poland and the Zubrowka is the grass that the European bison graze upon that is infused in the vodka. Delicately aromatic and with a slight nutty flavour a long blade of this grass floats inside of each bottle.

2. Bonne chauffe meaning good heat is what the second distillation of Cognac is called. The first is called brouillis.

3. A measure of Scotch whiskey is called a dram.

4. A jersey lightening is an American term for Applejack brandy.

5 When a drink has frappe at the end it means it is poured over crushed ice like your creme de menthe frappe.

How did you do? I hope we all learned something in the process.



  1. actually I did know the answers to all of those except the second……seriously I did!

  2. Manuel..honestly I believe you! You even knew it was crushed ice and not shaved ice for the frappe.And the vodka too! Nice one buddy.

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