I Guess We Haven’t Reached The Bottom Yet

Hey Steven we have a 5 top coming in on table 8 for you. Great I think , maybe by the end of this night I will end up with some cash after all.

So 3 ladies walk in and look at the menu and prefer to wait for the other 2 to show up. They finally order some drinks. A Mango Time , pina colada , and a frozen margarita. I bring the drinks over and the one who has the margarita asks me after tasting it does it have alcohol. Well yeah you did order a margarita so she says , but I forgot to mention no alcohol as I cannot drink it cause I am pregnant. I thought to myself it is must be hard to remember you are pregnant!

The other arrives and orders a Mango margarita then while I am getting that the virgin margarita one says the drink tastes a bit salty. So now I have to get her a virgin pina colada. The 5th one never shows up so they are ready to order.

Are you ready? The first one orders a garlic cheese bread , the second nothing , the third a spinach salad , and the other a garlic cheese bread. Wow!

At the end they have separate bills and I make $7 tip in total. Pretty much sums up the night last night which is the first Saturday night I walked out of there with less than a $100.

Absolutely brutal! Last Easter on the Saturday we were rocking. This year there wasn’t even a wait. It is amazing how quick things can change. Last month was great but this month it is like the recession made it’s appearance all of a sudden where I work. To add to that my wife’s inn where she works is down 600 rooms from budget this month.

I am glad I have the teaching to fall back on right now. Obviously we haven’t hit rock bottom yet on the economic front.



  1. Sorry to hear that, really. I know we haven’t been out to eat since January and we went once. We were regulars at the place too and our waitress said it had been so slow, even over the holidays. We miss going out [and miss our buddies at the restaurant] but everything seems to cost more and we have less, I guess.Hopefully it will turn around soon. 😀 [Happy Easter]

  2. SkippyMom…everyone is feeling the pinch nowadays.Happy Easter today.

  3. hammered on Easter Sunday…….hard day man……ended with a table of 30….great money but am sore now…..

  4. I had to gulp when I saw what their orders where. The drinks hardly compliment the food they ordered but who am I to say?I had a good day yesterday and not so good today. In fact damn slow today but then I work in an industry where my job depends on the weather, which it was clod and mostly cloudy today. Yesterday, it was coll but the sun was out and people were golfing. Today, not so much. I have noticed the number of golfers who normally would sign up for a season pass is down from last year though. I have one man who owns a mortgage company who told me a few weeks ago he wouldn’t be purchasing a pass this year because he is basically unemployed. He pays as he plays for now.May things look up for all of us soon. Times are so darn lean for all of us.

  5. Manuel..I was off today enjoying the bird with family and friends.Had a good time.

  6. Chris…it may be few months or year before everything gets back to normal. Had a great day at home today with family and friends. Glad I was off today for sure.

  7. Our Easter was quite unusual. Friday was busy, saturday average, sunday dead and we’ve just finished monday and it was one of our record days for the year. Absolute madhouse. But it was good fun to be under the pump. Hasn’t happened for a while and its good to know that our team can still pull it together.

  8. Anonymous…that was a good weekend.Where we are there are some car plants shut down and I guess it is starting to feel the effect.This week is another week.

  9. I went out to eat Saturday night and the place was packed.When I was a Chyef I never went out to eat. Now I go a lot. Its fun!maybe motheres Day I’ll go check out a Brunch, see whats thats like!

  10. Bulletholes…you should go out and enjoy yourself more. Hey Chef!!

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