Just Keep The Good News Coming!

Last night was a super night at work not just because I made some good cash but that people were ordering high end items and parting with their money.

I think it is no small coincidence that this directly relates to the somewhat positive media from the going ons at the G20 summit in London and the Nato one from Strasbourg afterwards. Whether it was the Obamas creating the fanfare or just having a few glimpses of the French president’s huge nose made people feel good or what I am not sure. Maybe the weather is still cool out and the barbeques haven’t been ignited yet but in any case I will take it.

The media has been the bearer of bad news in the last few months and although there are many people suffering without work right now the situation looks like it may improve substantially in the next few months and when it does lookout cause the economy is going to go through the roof.

People will come out of this more optimistic than ever and finally some things like the green economy will take hold , and rules will be in place to prevent things that got us into this mess in the first place. As I have heard before , there is an opportunity for great things to happen right now with all that is going on , starting with the efforts put forth by so many governments all going in the same direction at the same time.

Just keep the good news coming!



  1. GOOD FOR YOU! Always great to have a night like that.I agree with you – and the sooner the better for our fellow countrymen.The housing market has gone as low as it will go here where we live, because now all the houses are being snapped up within one day [the least expensive ones anyway] which bodes well for the economy here too. Funnily enough, now that we can afford a home we can’t find one! 😀

  2. SkippyMom…that is always the way. As long as you are happy where you are that is the main thing.

  3. the last four weeks have been great for us too…..not just good tips and what have you but really good people…..for the most part that is….

  4. Manuel…that is awesome you are doing well. We have our dungeness crab meal coming out next week so it should be good.

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