The Answers

Okay how did you all do on this one. It was a bit tricky wasn’t it? Or maybe not , who knows.

1. The proper way to serve Sambuca is in a pony glass with 3 coffee beans and lit. Don’t forget to tell the guest it is lit , eh?

2. The father of bourbon whiskey is the Reverand Elijah Craig who was a Baptist Minister. He set up a still in Georgetown Bourbon County in Kentucky back in 1789 using maize as the principal grain , thus the beginning of bourbon as we know it.

3. Duxelles is made up of chopped mushrooms , onions and shallots sauteed in butter.

4. Florentine indicates that the dish has spinach in it.

5. Despite the name Dry Sack is a medium sherry.

There you have it. Till next week and the next quiz have fun.

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