Roll Up The Rim To Win

For those of you living around these parts who drink Tim Hortons coffee hoping to win anything and all you get is ” please play again ,” I have some news for you.

People actually do win. Someone I served last night won $10,000 last week on a roll up the rim to win. Unbelieveable isn’t it?

I do not buy a lot of coffee to go , but I thought for those of us who buy 5 cups a day and each time you get a play again , this would give reason for all of us to be more hopeful knowing another person actually won more than a donut or free coffee.

They were real nice people too which is a bonus.



  1. Nice!I don’t think we have Tim Horton’s around here – Starbucks, Dunkin, non chain – but, alas no Tim Horton’s.Well good for them! Nice to know someone wins sometime!

  2. SkippyMom…yes it sure is.Rare you meet anyone who does.We all had a good laugh at work.

  3. nice people eh? Good, because that sort of luck always goes to those who don’t need or deserve it….

  4. Manuel…that is why this one was so nice to see. You are right though , most times it goes to someone who is a jerk.

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