Tuesday March 24th Quiz

Here we go again for that dazzling Tuesday morning quiz. Hey next Tuesday is the end of March and the start of warmth creeping back into the daytime temperature. Can hardly wait!

1. There is a liqueur that comes from Italy that is sold in a tall , narrow , clear bottle that contains a sugar encrusted twig that looks like a Christmas tree. It is called Fior d’Alpi and comes from the Italian Alps. Aside from some herbs where does the main flavour component come from? Easy if you know Italian.

2. What is unique about Irish Whiskey and how it is made?

3. The morning of a hangover is tough to take and there are many ways in which people say they get rid of theirs’ such as the Hair of the Dog method when they just take another drink of what they got hungover with and so on. But there is one called the “Prairie Oyster.” Here is my question to you , does the prairie oyster contain alcohol or a raw egg yolk or both?

4. Salmis is a type of stew in cuisine. What kind of stew is it?

5. Is sorrel an edible green plant or a type of mushroom ?

There is a couple of tricky ones in there so do some thinking before jotting down your answers.
Good luck and the answers will be posted later.


  1. 1> flower of the Alps, usually a big busted dark haired gal.2> You must make love to the Whiskey.3> Both, and they are best served with Turkey Fires.4> Salmis= Leftovers, my favorite!%> Sorrel is a coppery colored horse. All us Texans know that!

  2. Bulletholes…your Italian is very good indeed. Hey chef!!!

  3. Salmis is warming cooked meat in a sauce, can include brandy or cognac and fois gras, at least it does how I make it.Sorrel is a mushroom :)LMAO bulletholes!

  4. bulletholes got number one! :)and I like his answer to #2 & 3, but is #2 because Irish Whiskey is distilled 3 times and made with both grains [malted & unmalted] instead of being a single malt?Prairie oyster has no liquor – egg yolk, tomato juice, vinegar & peppersalmis is a stew made with game bird [squab] and wine or brandy and foie gras [loved bulletholes answer on this – god this stuff is good! there are no leftovers when my MIL makes it]and sorrel is a leafy plant [like spinach – I think? don't buy it]This was fun! πŸ™‚

  5. SkippyMom…one word. Awesome!!! Except I have brandy in mine. Wow! You know your stuff. Thanks for playing. I put one out weekly on Tuesdays.

  6. Sous Gal…check salmis out again as to what kind of meat.Sorrel I put in there as a trick question. Initially mushrooms come to mind but….Thanks for playing the Tuesday quiz once again. You soon to be Jasperite!

  7. I just realized I wrote “don’t buy it” on sorrel [and you sneak, I thought morel sp? at first too…lol]…what I meant was I don’t buy sorrel, not to avoid buying it…oops! Don’t sue United Conglomerate of Sorrel Growers

  8. SkippyMom…Went right over my head. We never even buy it let alone eat it. It is popular more in Europe I would say anyway.

  9. I still say a Sorrel is a horse…also a variety of edible frog called sorrel toads…no, i made the last part up.

  10. Game! Fowl! the meat, I mean. I *totally* got tricked by the mushroom. Not fans of the leafy green, eh? Guess y’all don’t do rapini either πŸ™‚ Yes.. two weeks before I see my first cowboy πŸ™‚

  11. Sous Gal…that is better.You will not be cooking sorrel out west anyway. Ha ha

  12. Bulletholes..wasn’t that the name of the Lone Ranger’s horse?? Hey Chef!!

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