I Am Wrapping This Up

Well thank you all for your comments and insight as to the written email complaint I received last week. They have all been gracious and understanding and have provided me with some insight as to the going ons of working in a corporate chain.

The end result was the meeting with the GM and her follow up phone call with the guest.

From what I was told , the guest thought the whole meal and service provided by me was outstanding but at the end was just a tad confused on the gift card issue. Also it was mentioned that she hoped that it would not affect my job in any way.

The GM added to me that overall the service was outstanding up to that moment and that I am a very valuable employee and that it is like my first issue ever since I started. Everyday I show I absolutely care about what I am doing. In fact personally the last issue that I can remember when someone didn’t like me was on a cruiseship back in 93 when I spilt some soup on her by mistake of course.

BUT I am on record now and please sign this form stating that if it happens again I will be suspended and a third time my employment terminated.

So like an asshole I sign it! It is not like I know what to do when I get one of these but I figure I guess I have to sign it. And I am left with I am doing a fine job and don’t change this could have happened to anyone and the GM walks off. So before I know it I am wondering what the heck just happened.

I started asking others about what just happened and they tell me they wouldn’t have signed it and that it was pretty petty of her to do that. Others said that I don’t have to sign it. Now I am on record.

That shift I start wondering exactly what is the real reason she wanted my signature on that piece of paper.

Funnier things have happened. Anyone at any time can come in and complain about anything right now and if she wants to can suspend me. It can even be a set up for pete’s sake!

Now also I find out through asking others who have had a complaint if they ever had a piece of paper like the one I signed and some responses back to me have been , what piece of paper?

So in essence what every waiter needs is a manager who will back him or her up once in a while and I don’t have that anymore. I couldn’t be a manager of a chain restaurant I tell you cause I would be a waiter’s best friend when it came to times like this. If the effort is there I would back the server up. Sure make the guest happy as well but have a waiter sign something like that!

Wow talk about working now and having a great time! Geez what a vote of confidence! Thanks for standing up for me ! Really appreciate your handling of this situation making me feel like I want to be there knowing that when I provide outstanding service to someone and there is a misunderstanding the next time I can look forward to a nice holiday!

When was perfection a job requirement? As Gordon Ramsay would say , Fuck me…….

Sorry about the swear word but I am letting this one out………………….


  1. From what I have seen of waiters and waitresses being, “written up,” like you were, signing off on such a slip denotes your agreement to the supposed charges. By refusing to sign you are letting it be known that you do not agree with whatever is being leveled against you. While the signature-less slip will still be kept in your file, it will not bear the mark of complete agreement to all complaints or issues.It seems that when such slips are procured, however, most panic and sign.

  2. Dont let this get to you Steve! Technically you could have it used in the manner of any guest complaint is a suspension. The usual practice with write up is you have to get a 2nd write up for the same thing like being late twice past the company fudge time like 15 min after scheduled.If your manager was that anal or backstabbing you would know about it by actions vs other coworkers.All your signature means is you read the paper-its like a traffic ticket when the cop mentions its not an admission of guilt.All you should do is make sure info covering your side of the incident is on there-if the form was drawn up by the corp lawyer there will be a place for you to add info to the form.Just rem if you need to get a top level security clearance by say serving the President someday -this will be in that file too.

  3. Sometimes when a manager “writes-up” an employee it’s more to cover his/her ass than disciplining the employee.

  4. Banquet Manager…it’s true and you know to be fair she is doing a great job.

  5. Food Service Ninja…not a mention again of this I promise. It’s over and thanks to this blog and all your comments I got some steam off my chest.There was no detail of the incident where I signed just an attachment to the email sent.

  6. K.H….I guess I couldn’t disagree about what happened but what I did find confusing in all this is how quickly corporate places want to cover their skins with managers not willing to back a waiter up in such instances when such things as a misunderstanding or first time complaint occurs. I guess everyone has a job to do. It doesn’t matter so much now after going over all this. Maybe a verbal warning to start off with would have been less discouraging..

  7. That’s shitty, but par for the course with the corporate monkeys. 😦

  8. Hmm, you do realize that when you apply for that top level security clearence this blog will be in your file as well.

  9. JoeinVegas…Hi there! Oh damn I was hoping to get a shot at that too! Point well taken Joe. I sort of missed commenting on Food Service Ninja’s great comment. Okay Okay this is no big deal. I know. It is over and done with. I am almost sick of it already. It is out of my system.

  10. Purplegirl…music to my ears. I now feel like I belong with the swell of other waiters who work for corporate restaurants.

  11. that really really sucks man…..time for a move if you ask me…..

  12. Manuel..for sure but the timing has to be right. I would like to work closer to home except the economy is bad right now.There could be some wine classes going on in future along with bartending courses. I have a wine tasting I am doing April 26th on Chilean wines. If I knock this out of the ball park I may just do my own business doing wine tastings. What do you think? Would that be cool?

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