It Is The Tuesday Quiz

Okay here we go with another edition of the Tuesday Questions and Answers. Are you ready?

1. Grappa is to Italy what Marc is to France and _________ is to Portugal. A hint is all are brandies made from the pomace of grapes.

2. What is the name given to the pasta that is shaped like a butterfly?

3. What is the proper name of the plant which Tequila comes from?

4. In what country does the liqueur Strega come from?

5. For you pastry lovers out there what does the french word cygne mean in English?

There you have it a mish mash of everything that you do not need to know nearly all the time.

Answers later…….



  1. Always see your name on Bulletholes’ and always say I’m going to visit, as I love food. So here I am.Interesting quiz, WE, but only knew one, I think. Is Strega a liqueur from Italy? Am looking forward to the answers.It was nice meeting you, and Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Petra :))

  2. Petra Michelle…welcome and you are right on with Strega! Happy St.Patrick’s Day to you too.Thank you for visiting and will indeed drop by your site as well.

  3. Farfalle!and Blue Agave maybe?Those are the only ones I might know.And Petra cheated…shes Italian and you have to watch her close!

  4. Bulletholes…you’re right on both and I couldn’t tell by the picture Petra is Italian. Ha! hey chef!!

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