The Tuesday Quiz With A Different Twist

The last few weeks on this day I have been putting on this quiz for those people that are in the know about drinks and fortified wines but today I am going to put a couple of questions in regarding cuisine since a lot of readers are chefs out there. So here it goes , the Tuesday quiz.

1. In cuisine , what is a roux?

2. How do you prepare pommes noisettes or in english , noisette potatoes?

3. When at tableside and you flambe a cherries jubilee what spirit do you add to the mix?

4. Is Dry Sack Sherry a dry sherry? Yes or no?

5. The cocktail named ” Beautiful” has what two ingredients ?

Alright that is it and let’s see how you do on this one. Answers later.



  1. I think I know a few :)roux is a thickener for a few of the basic sauces, for example alfredo or gravies. It’s a mix of butter, flour and milk or cream. pommes de noisette is a version of parisienne potatoes and the potatoes are cut into tiny balls then sauteed in butter. Noisette is french for hazelnut.cherries jubilee are flambed with brandy.

  2. Alright I knew I would hear from you on this one.Ha. Now the first two I got right out of Larousse Gastronomique.I have actually made a roux before believe it or not.The pommes noisette you are definitely smack on. A hint on the cherries jubilee – what eau de vie is flavoured of cherries? Well done Sous Chef!

  3. OK…hmm…play it straight or no?Roux is the soul of Cajun Cooking, as with brown roux, but are you familiar with its unfamiliar cousin, the Beurre Manie’?In English wouldn’t it be ‘Nut Potato’s”?Actually, I’m not sure if the Noisette refers soley to the size and shape or as much to the flavor of buerre noisette, or “brown butter” that flavors them.You know you also have noisettes of beef, chicken and salmon?!?!Dry sack? The only sherry I know of is in the Poe classic where Fortunado wails “Montressor! The Amantillado! For the love of God, the Anmantillado!”That, and we used to use Harveys Bristol cream in our au jus. It also does well with Vanilla Malts.kirsch…i’m getting tired…Beautiful? Is that like a Paschal, named for my buddy Don who liked to use two ingredients to make a delightful beverage called the Paschal?The two ingerdients were a beer and a cheeseburger, run through a blender and downed in one gulp.He was an animal.

  4. Bulletholes..Ha I knew you would come through on this one. Yes the roux unlike the beurre manie is cooked before added to a sauce. There is the white ( blond ) and brown version depending on the colour of the final sauce. You did good on this one but alas you must wait till tonight for the answers. Hey Chef!!

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