Job History Update

For the last couple of months now I have been trying to document my job history on Mondays so I just wanted to update what I have done now between the time I took the bartending course in 1979 to the end of 1989. Hey that is 10 years! A good time to just note some of the places I have been up to this time and before I get to what probably rates right up there with the worst time of my life in 1990. How I went from such a high in Switzerland to mass confusion in a matter of months was astounding to say the least. You will see next Monday 1990 was like a decade rolled up in one. For those of you who have been reading this post on Mondays next week’s will be one which you will not believe.

But for now here are some of the jobs I remember having and have noted on the blog. Other jobs such as commission sales jobs and other restaurant jobs I worked at for less than a week I have omitted.

Hilton Dorval Airport
Willows Inn
Holiday Inn
Credit Valley Golf Club
Bristol Place Hotel
Ramada Inn ( twice )
Boulevard Club
Badminton Racquet Club ( twice )
Dunfield Club
Saskatchewan River Crossing
Marilyn’s Hamburgers
University Club of Montreal
SS Norway
1987 – went to French School
Eden au Lac – Montreux Switzerland

These are the main ones. I moved 9 times. Owned 6 cars. Took a Hotel Restaurant Management Course. Learned French. Was Assistant Food and Beverage Manager in Switzerland , Bartender on a ship and sommelier , Bar Manager of a Private Club , Head Waiter out West.

And you know what else? I was still broke , no address of my own , no girlfriend , nothing!

But I did experience a lot of things which I guess is what you want to remember when you are 80 years old.

Next week , 1990.


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