The Great Energizer

I am usually tired when I go to work or teach. I get up early enough and busy all day then in the afternoon I may take a quick nap but usually there are things to do.

Getting in the car , I can hardly keep my eyes open when driving. Yawning , trying to find some good music to listen to , just following the car in front of me.

Then I get to work or in front of the class getting ready to get myself going and zowie I wake up , am totally alert and begin with the jokes and witty sarcasm people like to hear.

Later on , when it is time to leave and everyone is happy I drive home ready to hit the town. Well not really but that is what I feel like at 11-12 o’clock at night.

Work is the great energizer for me and nowadays I have to say I feel quite thankful I have work that gives me that energy boost.

Nothing like working doing something you really enjoy.

Others nowadays , are not as fortunate.


  1. there are days I go to work with all the energy and buzz of a child at play…..only to have it knocked right out of me with one inane ridiculous conversation with a manger…..

  2. I like when they just let you do your job. I was in an hour tonight before I saw the manager and she said Hi. That is what I like. Leave me alone.

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