It is the Tuesday Quiz

Well last week’s first instalment was fun and some of you are pretty smart out there in blog land so I am happy to tantalize those brain cells out there again this week. The answers will appear later on this evening so here it goes. Good luck!

1. Grappa as we know is made from the lees and pomace left over after the main pressing of the grapes has been completed. Grappa is the name given to this spirit in Italy. What is the name given to the Grappa equivalent in France?

2. What is the customary way to drink this named spirit above in France?

Okay maybe this is absurdly stupid and difficult so here are the next 3 questions.

3. What is the brandy named native to Peru and Chile?

4. What is the vin de liqueur that comes from the Cognac region in France that is 3 parts wine and 1 part cognac?

5. What flavour is Creme de Myrtilles?

Remember this is just for fun so if you do not get them alright just give it a whirl and have some fun.

Answers will be posted later this evening.


  1. 1 and 2: Pernod, with water, preferably from the fountain water falling behind you 🙂

  2. Sous Gal…thanks for trying the quiz.Although Pernod’s home is France and is quite popular there it is an aniseed flavoured spirit and has nothing to do with Grappa.Here is a hint , just think of a Frenchman’s name that begins with M.

  3. 1&2>Yes, um, the French equivalent would be Mons Grappa, ovne of my favorite things for grapping and it is customary to drink it from Satin Slippers. Everything that happens after that is Au Natural.3> Brandiola, the Andes version of Bali-hai.4>Muscatel? No, Yago Sangria? How about Plonk?Whats the word?Thunderbird!5> My great Aunt was named Myrtle, she kept plasic on her furniture and she would cut a swith for you to ber asking a questin like that!Hey, good fun!

  4. Hi, I am a bartender/event planner in IL at a golf course. I am enjoying your blog and hope you don’t mind I am following it. Take care and I look forward to more posts.

  5. Bulletholes…you should get 1/2 points just for some of your answers.Nicely done and thanks for participating. Hey Chef!

  6. Chris…Welcome and thank you for your interest. I am humbled and will do my best to keep it as interesting as possible.

  7. no no no no…….eek…….I still haven’t studied…..

  8. is the time zone change. You get this quiz later than others…

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