A Brutal Night

So I was off on Saturday cause in the place I work , if it can , likes to give couples off on February 14th. It was a treat for me and since it was a Saturday had a fun family day the four of us.

When I went into work the manager says , lucky guy you missed last night. Well to tell you the truth I might have liked to work just to say I was there cause we did 877 covers on Saturday night. Apparently the tips were lousy but people still walked out with over $200 dollars in their pocket. People waited for 3 bloody hours for a seat. In fact the line up was so long the people were standing in the way of the waiters coming out of the kitchen with the plates. We did even more than the 700 or so we did on New Year’s Eve.

Tonight was busy too as we probably did about 4-500 covers. The unfortunate thing was I had a lousy station and even though I did 30 covers I walked out of there with about $112 after tip out. Others made $200. So for me it was a bit disappointing but where I work probably you can say at least for now it is pretty recession proof.

I am off a couple now while I teach. In fact , Monday is a holiday here so will take the time once again to enjoy doing something with the family , then after teaching Tuesday back on for 4 , then off Sunday.

Let’s keep the hammer down and make some money through the recession I say…….



  1. sorry how many covers? OMGwe were nearly full twice over and still only did about 140…..WOW

  2. Yes but you are fine dining. Something in which I used to work in for most of my career. We are a steakhouse. Caters to the masses.

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