TV Appearance

Yesterday for the second time in over a month I was on Rogers Daytime Show , this time doing a segment on wines as a demo. It went pretty well but I found it a bit difficult to go over a glass of wine and describe in very short 3 – 2 minute segments until the last part which was 5 minutes.

But the good news is they loved it and want me back in the Spring to do some wine and drinks again. Also today 3 more people signed up for the Bartending Course in Alliston being held at the Gibson Centre starting next Tuesday bringing the total up to 11 which is great. I am pretty sure too that the one locally here will have enough people by the 26th , the first scheduled day of that class. So that is two nights of the week that will be devoted to teaching which is Monday and Tuesday , usually slow nights in a restaurant anyway.

My plans this year is to do an e-book and get on a cruise ship to be a guest speaker. The hard thing about the latter is with kids going to school the only time to do it will be in the summer.

I am going to compile all the tv appearances I have done recently on one DVD and make some copies to market myself to do some special dinners such as wine and food pairing ones. All I have to do is find a local restaurant who wants to do it. That should not be too difficult.

There is a lot of options out there and with my 50th birthday soon approaching I am really looking forward to what is going to take place…..

I no doubt will keep you posted.


  1. One thing I have observed, steven, is that sunday and monday nights, while they are slow… they are usually heavy on sophisticated diners…. obviously saturday is amateur night … but i often work easier and make more money on sundays.what do you think?mTw

  2. Mike the waiter…you are right but courses aren’t offered on the Friday and Saturdays. Where I work it is mainly based on volume so that works for me to work the Saturday. My check average is low so turnover has to be high. Very few corporate or business people come to eat. Mainly families. Any other place better class of people generally come during the week like you say and you can make awesome tips.

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