Chamonix France 1989

When I worked in Switzerland for a couple of years I had the opportunity to take some time to travel around and one of the stops I made was Chamonix France. This was a spot where the 1924 Winter Olympics were held and what a beautiful location indeed.

What I remember most about Chamonix along with the scenery was the cable car ride I took up to the top of Mont Blanc. The cable car held about 60 people so it was not small at all but when it started it zoomed up pretty fast. You know some cable cars you go up the descent and speed is slow and not far from the ground but this ride you went steep very quickly because of the distance it had to travel to get to the top. When you looked down you were thinking if this cable car ever loses the cable we are done for.

But the view was spectacular and once you got to the top snow was everywhere. Not like at the warm beginning down below. The temperature difference had to be about 12 Celsius cooler from where we started. That is about 18-20 degrees Farenheit.

At the top there is another cable car you can take that goes from Mont Blanc across some other peaks to get you to Italy. What an engineering feat! I have heard from going to one country to another by all modes of transportation but not by cable car.

If you ever get to France take in the Savoie region of this beautiful country and just breathe the fresh air , drink some wine , have something good to eat , and don’t forget to take the cable car up the Aiguilles du Midi to the top of Mont Blanc.



  1. new york this year…….deepest france next……

  2. Manuel..beautiful. Hey I know you probably have plans for New York but you are always welcome to Toronto and stay over.

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