No Worries I Will Pay With my Credit Card

Last night I brought the portable debit machine over to this table and the wife tried 3 times to pay using her debit card and it was not approved and then the man tried and failed twice. Finally he had to use his credit card.

Aside from it just being a time wasting exercise standing there seeing the “not approved” flash on the screen five times but do these people actually know how much money they have at all?

This has happened more than once and quite frankly I would be a little more concerned than these people were.

Their lack of concern was a bit more scary for me than seeing they couldn’t pay the bill from their bank account. It is unfortunate to see how people actually manage their money these days seeming to just throw it away like there is no tomorrow.

It is just a thought I had watching this happen last night………



  1. I know exactly what you mean……’s like we as waiters get more panicked and concerned than they do……weird…

  2. Manuel…it’s true. As waiters we see too much.

  3. It will be the end of the American republic. We are addicted to debt. It is truly frightening. When I have a declined card it makes me both sad and embarrassed (especially if it’s a family). I always imagine kids in the family not having any idea that their parents are being totally irresponsible.

  4. How to…and with the debt there goes any chance that child will have any good start in life as there will be no money for education etc..later on. The struggle will just continue.

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