Funny How Things Work Out

Here it is Saturday morning and outside it is -8 C and the snow is covering everything. I am fighting a cold especially in my throat but I have a feeling it has moved up to my nose. So this is good as I am back to work tonight so at least I will be able to talk.

When I was eating my toast and coffee I was thinking about a job I never got but if I did I might not be looking out at snow right now. It was November 1991 and the restaurant I was working at in Jasper closed for 4 months. It was family run so they decided when it was slow just to fly back to Greece for the winter and reopen in the Spring.

A few contacts I met were talking of going to the Cayman Islands to work and one of them I met was returning there. He said why don’t you come on down and look for work they are always hiring. As it turned out the Caymans only let you through if you already have a job so he gave me some numbers to call and voila I had a job offer right over the phone to start December 1st.

I had to get a police clearance and a test for HIV and was waiting further instructions from this employer in the Cayman. The last week in November arrived and I had not heard from him so I called and expected him to say yes buy your ticket and come on down , we are getting busy.

But the opposite happened and he said , don’t bother our bookings are way down as the Recession that was going on at the time was hurting business and in fact he was thinking of closing it up for a few months. Apparently in these destination resorts if a slowdown in business occurs they just shut her down till it gets better again.

Anyway after that I decided to forego the Cayman Islands and go onto something else. If the job had worked out who knows where I would be now. Maybe not looking out at snow.

It was a fluke but not being able to take that job changed my life and things did turn out for the better. I wouldn’t be as happy as I am now that is for sure.

So I guess the morale of the story is things that do not happen are sometimes the best things that could happen. If you get my drift…..

Still though with me battling a cold and looking out at snow it would be real cool to be serving a Mai Tai on a beach somewhere wouldn’t it?

Any stories out there about a job that didn’t come to pass you would have liked at the time?



  1. Well, Steven, everything happens for a reason…. speaking of the Caymans… I have a friend who has the best of all restaurant situations…..and makes a TON of greenery… Double shifts it in the Caymans in the winter and double shifts it on Martha’s vineyard for the summers… been doing this for years.. takes a vacation each spring and autumn and makes about triple what I make (with no vacations!)

  2. Mike…That is the dream lifestyle for sure. I never got it that good before I settled down. That’s a beauty. Tons of money more than I’ll make as well and vacations to boot.

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