3 Things That Bug Me the Most Happened Tonight

It seemed like every table I had tonight wanted to camp. People wanted their meal in a hurry then proceeded to eat it a snail’s pace. Other people ordered cold desserts then when it was ready asked if I could keep it refrigerated while they go out for a smoke.

Another table of two women or should I say students left me a $5 tip on a $95 dollar bill.

A table of 7 women wanted separate bills then they camped for a while after paying.

It wasn’t a busy Friday night. I only did 23 people and they were pretty much all cheap. I did my best. I made a $108 take home in tips but it was a battle out there just to do that.

It seemed like a lot of people tonight wanted to put the bread plate on the main course plate thereby screwing up how I collect all the plates on clearing. They also when doing that have the forks and knives all helter skelter hanging off the sides of the plate. Don’t try to help , just be patient and I will clear everything. I have to tell people just leave it alone. Sometimes I think that maybe because they think they helped me clear the table they can tip less. I don’t know.

Then I have people ordering for other people tonight so you have to ask them to be sure , is that for her or for you? Then when you ask him what temperature she likes the meat done he doesn’t know so he has to ask her and she doesn’t know. She is not even sure she wants to eat what he is ordering now. Finally there is a big decision then he orders for himself and she says I thought you were ordering the other feature or whatever. At this point I just want to walk away!

There are 3 things I am not crazy about that all happened tonight.

1. People who say they are in a hurry and take all night to eat or just people who take up space far too long. They are campers.

2. People who start piling up empty plates on top of others because they think they are helping you , making it impossible to clear the table in one swoop.

3. People who order for other people who really don’t know what that person wants , creating huge time consuming discussions. It is like taking an order through a translator for pete’s sake.

Tell me , what things really aggravated you this past week at service?


  1. OOOO. CAMPERS! DIE!!!!So I have taken it upon myself to grab a handful of business cards from KOA campgrounds. When people camp out, I find a way to place it on their table rather nonchalantly. They usually get the hint. Its burned me a few times too. But lets be honest. Would you want someone coming in to your place of business and just hang out for ours on end because they don’t quite understand that a conversation can be carried over to their homes? Seriously people, wake up and stop being so damned selfish. — yes, i know, you could say i am selfish for wanting my tables back, but thats how i get my money!And yes, I totally agree with people “self bussing” their tables. Leave it alone. 9/10 times the way they stacked it doesn’t fit right with other people’s crap, so i end up wearing a knife tie all the way back to the dish room. Idiots.And here is the kicker. The last 3-4 times some idiot decided to order for his woman (or vice versa), I have straight up told them, at the first sign of hesitation, that I will only take the order from her, in order to minimize in mis-communications. Sometimes, its not so blunt — rather a look at her, and “are you sure you want the fillet mid-well?” That usually solves that problem, and annoys the hell out of the person ordering. I have been pulled aside by these people before and asked why i did that, and I said, honestly, that because when people order for other people, there is a chance that it won’t be to the persons likeing, and I would just assume skip having to go back to the kitchen for a recook and make her suffer while you munch down your correct order.I’m going to be posting a great story sometime today or tomorrow about some things i have witnessed at the shop this weekend. Should be interesting.

  2. Dietrich…Awesome , looking forward to your post. Campers are too much. Tonight is another night though. Everyone had the same problem last night. One girl had a table sit for 4 hours in total. She was pulling her hair out.

  3. I had an awesome weekend…..stiffed by 6 australians but apart from that sweet….!

  4. Manuel…beautiful.My last couple of shifts were better than that Friday one.It is all good.

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