Do the Best You Can Every Night

Last Saturday I had a pretty good night at work as I usually do. I was the pre-closer and when it was over I did about 44 covers. It seems like a lot but I had two 9 tops and an 8 top plus some deuces , a couple of fours , and a three somewhere in there. Also , in the restaurant I work the customer turnover is quite high so remember the average cheque is low. People are in and out in an hour.

I pretty much had the most sales except for one other waiter who because she was splitting a 15 top with someone else had all the sales rung under her card so hers’ was higher.

The service I provided I thought was excellent and I really felt I was rewarded for it by the gratuities that were bestowed upon me. But with groups of 8-9 people and the company policy of not adding on the 15% for bigger tables , it can work both ways as to whether you get your fair tip or not. My tip out was quite high so I walked out of there with around $165. For those of you who are not familar with the Canadian dollar we used to be even with the American dollar until we nosedived about 19 cents the past two months. But however you look at it I walked out with $165.

Was I happy with that after 5 1/2 hours work? Sure I was.

Then I went into the office with my cash out and there was another waiter who mentioned he made over $200 after tip-out and he sold less than I did. A lot less. Maybe $200-$300 less.

I said congrats and told him what I did and punched out and left.

Now here is what I am getting at. No matter where you and I work , and no matter how good a waiter you or I think we are , there will be always someone somewhere who will make more money on any given night.

It shouldn’t make us feel less competent because we make less , nor should we feel like we are a gift to the hospitality industry when we make more.

The only thing a server or bartender can be comfortable with is that they give it their all each shift and let the chips fall where they may. I know I made more than that waiter on Friday night because I got some better tables than he did. Basically that is about it. Same for him on Saturday.

So to summarize , don’t compare yourself to others , just do the best you can and you will make decent money all the time.


  1. well said…..

  2. Really great post! Its all about the Attitude.

  3. Bulletholes…for sure it is all about the attitude.

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