Would You Have Returned the Call?

Today was day 3 of 4 that I was off from work. I request both Monday for teaching and Tuesday off for my son’s piano lesson on the day off sheet posted for us in the staff room. Then I put Yes for every other day. But it so happened they gave me Sunday and Wednesday off as well which makes for a long 4 days off. I worked 19 hours last week on the clock.

In fact I am so use not working that when I do go into work I feel a bit like my whole day has been interrupted. The truth is though no one is on the schedule more than 4 shifts a week and I am one of a few that are.

I know we can always do with the extra money but we are not a family that needs to keep up with the latest Playstations , Nintendos , IPods , etc.. I know if I needed to work more right now I would. It is easy , just ask someone at work if they would like the day off that you want to pick up.

Now there are a lot of servers who work where I work thus the 4 shifts. But today I come home after being out the afternoon and there is a message on the phone to call work and that I am needed to work tonight.

It was late in the afternoon already and the piano lesson is still later in the afternoon around dinner time. Now what normally happens is the manager calls a bunch of people until one says yes. Most of the people live within 5-10 minutes whereas I live 35 minutes away. Maybe if I lived 5 minutes away it would be easier to call back.

Now to be honest if it was like other places I worked and I knew if I didn’t call back they would be in a heck of a jam due to a lack of servers to choose from , this restaurant has an array of servers available so I chose not to call back and wait to see if they would call again. They didn’t.

I guess if they did call back I would have gone into work. You see when I am off I am off mentally. Basically work has to phone me before noon to have any hope of getting me to go in. Don’t phone later. I will be out doing something for sure come the afternoon. As today , I had a doctor’s appointment.

So here is my question of the evening , who would have called back no matter what , to work tonight?


  1. I am fortunate that my work never calls me in. In past situations I have been the girl that always answers and always covers the shift. The managers would always call me first. I would not be that girl again. It is unfair of management to call an employee in on short notice, and even more unfair of the server who called out on such short notice. I would have done the same as you did.

  2. Lone waitress…thanks for that. I agree with your reasoning. The thing is a lot of the time when you are called in it sometimes just isn’t worth it anyway. It is not always about the money.

  3. Hell no I wouldnt answer the call. Unless I was just flat broke and had nothing better to do. I mean, really NOTHING better.

  4. Poor Server…thanks for dropping by.Yes it appears amongst all waiters it is agreed upon. We like our time off too much.

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