The Key to Longevity For Any Waiter And A New Focus

Since I have started this blog , I at times have found it difficult to talk of anything about work , since when I do leave it it becomes a distant memory almost instantaneously.

The stupid complaint that wasn’t justified , the rudeness of some people , the foul – up that occurs occasionally , or how busy or how slow it was , the list can go on and on. Of course , there are the many good things that happen as well like the proposal the other night when a guy got a yes from his girl , or a compliment etc..

I think what may appear to be interesting to some probably might seem to me just like a normal part of waiting on tables. All the above I mentioned is just part of the job just like any other person’s occupation has it’s share of challenges to be met and conquered.

As well what has happened last night at the restaurant to me probably has been posted already by other waiters who have more eloquently described it better than I ever could. Other waiters have written books on their experiences already which is great so people can get an inside view of what goes on behind the scenes.

The key to longevity above all else for me is if I did let things bug me I would have been out of this profession a long time ago. As a waiter or bartender you have to see more good than bad. When I look at waiters who are in their 50’s I see how each day they act even keeled. They have no highs and no lows. They go about their business serving everybody with no bias making sure all requests from the mundane to most difficult are fulfilled.

Then when it is over for the night , it is over. Nearly all the conversation is not about work , but about something else. Why dwell on it? Count your money and be happy.

So although I will still write about things that happen at work once in a while such as the extraordinairy guest a few days ago , I want to write a couple of blogs a week on drink recipes and some wines I like. Perhaps there is an interest out there for such features on this blog.

For those of you out there who would like to see a couple of blogs a week on wine and drinks mixed with a bit of personal opinion let me know. I am going to do it anyway but any input is much appreciated?

And continued good waiting and bartending to all…..


  1. I blog to purge the bad things from my mind and in that way it is very cathartic. Yeah definitely go with the drinks and wine stuff……I could also use new things and new information! keep it up!

  2. Manuel…thank you for your input. I will do a couple of blogs a week one on wine and the other on a drink. Together with some personal stories of the traveling days and present work going ons it should be somewhat interesting. I want to continue to focus on the profession only.You have a way of purging the bad things from your mind that makes it funny and entertaining. I love it.

  3. i Waited tables for about six months….I quit when I found that people were remembering me that I could not remember them.a maN TOLD ME THAT i NEEDED A “NEW ROUTINE, i WAS GETTING TOO PREDICTABLE” (ooops) and I coulda swore I’d never seen him before in my life.Blew my mind.

  4. Bulletholes…you know I always say a waiter could never do a chef’s job nor a chef a waiter’s job. You put up with crazy waiters and I put up with crazy customers.

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