Is Water Overrated?

Tonight at the restaurant there was no water glasses on the table. We are in the throes of changing our glassware and we lacked a sufficient number of water glasses to set the tables with.

Well now my theory about making sure someone has water was thrown out of the window tonight. I decided not to offer water at all to anyone and out of 24 people I served 3 of them water.

What a difference it was not to have to fill up the water glasses and not have to be constantly refilling the water jugs. I don’t really care if it the right thing to do as in many other places I have worked we always had to make sure someone had some water with their dinner.

But if things continue along this vein and I do not have to waste any more time refilling water glasses I will be able to give an even better service. Most notably concerning refilling what the drinks are that they are paying for.

Also I liked the idea with them asking for water. At least you are not pouring water for nothing. If they ask for it and they have no glass at the table they should drink it when I bring it to them , right?

It reminds me of a place in England where I worked and people would sit at an empty table with no cutlery , napkin , or glasses. Only when they ordered did we put the cutlery down with napkin and side plates. What they ordered to drink was brought to their table. It sure saved on the soiled cutlery and glassware.

So here is my question , is water overrated or do you think everyone should be offered water?



  1. I only bring water if it’s requested, and only offer it specifically if someone is having wine, coffee, or hot tea.Personally, I don’t drink water at all, so when it’s brought without my request, it does nothing but take up table space. Feels like a waste of water as well as the server’s time and energy.

  2. Kate…welcome. I am going to use the same approach from now on. But only offer it only if they are drinking alcohol.Funny thing I find seniors the least likely to want water which I would have thought the opposite.

  3. Thanks for the welcome! I had an elderly lady in today who wanted nothing to drink, not even water. It was… odd.

  4. Kate…I know it’s weird.I looked at your blog.Pretty interesting I will add it to my blog roll.

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