My Thoughts Are With You This Morning

This morning , as any waiter who has ever worked breakfast will tell you , is one of two difficult shifts during the year when everything goes out of wack.

Last night the clocks went back an hour so what happens is everyone will come to breakfast an hour earlier than normal. My thoughts then are with my wife this morning who on top of constantly checking the time when she woke up earlier than usual before the alarm , she also has to endure the rush at 7AM all by herself because her supervisor didn’t schedule anyone else till 8AM which is really like 9AM. It is imperative that the one who is doing the schedule front load the service staff at the beginning of the shift to handle the ones who are going to be there right at the opening asking for their coffee and lunging for the buffet.

The opposite holds true when the clocks move ahead in the Spring. That is when all the people sleep in an extra hour and you see them all coming in at 9AM after the wait staff has been sitting around for 2 hours wondering when everyone is going to arrive. So that is the time you can open with one person and schedule the rest later for the big rush. Usually these breakfast last quite a while as you always have some stragglers who forgot to move their clock ahead who are asking you if it is too late too order anything when you are getting ready to finish the service.

I have worked breakfast in the past and I have noticed that not too much thought is ever put into scheduling on these two mornings of the year. You are either all by yourself handling the rush in the Fall or 3 of you are standing around waiting for someone to show up in the Spring.

So today my thoughts are with the breakfast service staff who have to endure one of the two worst mornings you can work during the year.

Has anyone out there ever worked Breakfast during these time change mornings?

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